Online Psychic readings: Characteristics of a good psychic

Characteristics of a good psychic:

This article is meant for those who have had interests in knowing what the future holds. It will help you avoid scams and direct you into beneficial sessions:

  1. A great reader will not issue personal judgments: all personal feelings are left outside the reading room during a reading. The reader’s job is to pass over the information they receive from the spirits and dear ones in heaven. This does not give them the mandate to judge an individual.

Once a reader told a client to suck it up. Adding all these to the hard times the client was already undergoing, it only made it worse. As we all say, a good session should empower you and make you feel good.  A good psychic knows even before a reading that the purpose of the message they will give to their clients is for their best and their good.

They will not just tell their clients what they wish to hear, but at the same time focus on what the message the spirits want to pass to the client

  1. A good psychic should not instill fear into their clients.

Great psychics let their client s be comfortable and at ease, not fill their minds with ghostly stories.

Causing fright in clients is never an option.  Never do the following if you want to be a great reader.

  • Inform clients that they are cursed- this is always considered as a scam in the psychic world
  • Foretell death- unless a client is terminally unwell, then this can only be used for the clients good. The spirits may want to inform the client to spend more time with the ones they love. Otherwise, you should never predict death.
  • Declare serious health issue for the client- readers are not medics and therefore should not dwell in-person health.
  1. Honesty should be the way to go for good psychic.

If you don’t have answers to a client’s question, admit it. Do not try to force an answer to fit a query from the client.

There is definitely a good reason as to why an answer is not coming through during a reading.

  1. Always let the client know that the final decision lies in their hands.

Good psychics encourage the client to take charge of their life, despite offering different insights on their life. They will not tell the client what to do but can provide insights on why some events are taking place.

This discourages dependency on psychic readings. In case of a huge decision, psychics will ask the spirits for more information in comparison to the current and the new intended path.

If in any case, you feel that a psychic is pushing you into a certain direction, please walk away. You should always feel in control of the situation.

Respect must be accorded at all time

A client must always feel respected.  Good psychics don’t force their beliefs onto their clients. Messages from the spirit are delivered in a respectful manner.

Having discussed the attributes of a good psychic, let’s see how these readers grow their skills.

Even in this age, there are people who still doubt psychic powers. As time goes by these psychics and mediums learn to control and use their power, then later become professional intuitive readers. The readers later find out that the difference between believers and non-believers is very minimal.

Those who do not believe in psychics don’t understand how their abilities function, and what true psychics are able to achieve during a reading.

Below are some of the things that the doubtful should be made to understand:

  • Real psychic ability is very precise
  • The real ability is not about reading the mind
  • It does not necessarily have something to do with predicting the future
  • The real ability is a very wide topic and many different types of ability exist

Those who are skeptical about these abilities don’t understand these attributes of personal and online reading. They don’t understand the difference between a medium and a clairvoyant, or the three different types of readings available.

Effect of mass media versus the reality

Movies and other types of media portray the idea of psychic ability and communication to the spiritual world as normal.

People can, therefore, relate to the characters in these movies because of this type of down to earth depiction. It is an advantage to those practicing psychic readings, but remember movies are still fiction.

These movies are designed for entertainment purposes, and therefore the powers portrayed in them is sometimes exaggerated and inaccurate, for the purposes of dramatization.

Why we have non-believers

  • The skeptical ones have been victims of psychic scams
  • Poor or unpleasant experiences during readings
  • When readings defy their religious beliefs
  • Skeptics also believe that psychics can help them win lotteries and other gambling types.

Give below a thought if you still skeptical:

You ever had strong emotions about a stranger, and you were unable to tell where the feelings came from? Was it positive or a negative feeling? This was your ESP connecting with someone’s energy, and exactly how your greater self connects with you.