Numerology and Health

Numerology and Health

Have you ever thought about the numbers in your numerology?  Numerology is from different cultures and can show a person’s weaknesses and strengths and can show the desires and the ability to have relationships.

The thing with your traits is that your numerology can go hand in hand with health problems and relationship problems that you have.  You might fall sick or have complications based on these numbers.

Number 1

Some problems you can have are poor heart health, issues with your eyes and high blood pressure.

With these problems, you should eat foods such as barley, thyme, ginger, lavender, ginseng and other spices.

It is best not to eat foods that cause stomach bile.

Make sure you exercise and increase your activities for mental and physical health.

Number 2

The number two means you can face medical problems such as asthma attacks or nervousness.

You can fix these by eating cabbage, bananas and fresh fruits and vegetables.

You should avoid having unhealthy emotions that will cause you to have mental illness.

Find things to do that are fun and that make you feel happy inside.

Number 3

Some problems that you might face are lung problems and skin and throat problems.  You may also have to deal with your nervous system.

You need to eat fresh fruits, nuts like strawberries, blueberries, grapes, almonds and other fresh foods.

Stay away from garlic, ginger and foods that cause allergies.

Exercise to keep your body healthy and to increase your metabolism.

Number 4

Some problems that you may find yourself having are colds, urinary problems and depression.

You need to eat green vegetables, fruits and eggplants.

Stay away from sugar and from fights with other people.

Find a hobby that keeps you close to nature such as playing softball.  Go outside and cut the grass to be close to nature.

Number 5

You might find yourself getting stressed and being nervous.  You might get the flu or a cold a lot.

Eat things like mushrooms, nuts, oatmeal and potatoes.

Stay away from stress and change how you eat and drink a bunch of water.  Try to eat healthier.

Number 6

You may find that you get more colds and have lung issues.  Women might have problems with their beasts.

Eat spinach, green vegetables, nuts and beans.

Stay away from foods that are spicy and oil and strenuous activities.

Don’t think everything has to be in your control.  Don’t get stressed.

Number 7

You might find that you have gout and problems with circulation.

Drink green tea eat flax seeds, apples and other fresh fruits.

Stay away from smoking and drinking and avoid stress.

Meditate and spend time working on you.

Number 8

You might have problems with your legs, ears and teeth and you might have rheumatism and liver problems.

Drink green tea and eat nuts such as cashews or pine nuts.  Eat fresh fruits and seeds.

Stay away from fried and fast food and do not let yourself isolate.

Laugh and work on your mental health.

Number 9

People with number 9 might get childhood illnesses such as chickenpox and strep.

Eat a lot of ginger, fresh fruits, pumpkin and garlic.

Stay away from oily foods and things that make you angry.

Meditate and exercise each day.


If you want to know what numbers say about your health, consider getting a psychic reading from a professional.  You can also look online for your numerology readings.  Learn what you can do to feel healthier and to fight off sicknesses this year.