Master Numbers: The Magic of 11/11 Numerology


Awareness Number of the Psychic

NumerologyLearning a new language that expands on your consciousness is like discovering the magic and mystery surrounding master numbers in numerology. Numerology creates awareness just like lifting a veil or decoding a dream. We’ll research the meaning behind today’s date, November 11 or 11/11 in this article.

Numbers are frequently reduced to single digits as ways of discovering vivid meanings of things and understanding the situation well in numerology. These single-digit numbers help us deal with questions that we keep question ourselves. Three double-digit numbers are very important and are known as master numbers since they are magical.

The Master Numbers       

Numerology master numbers are 11, 22 and 33. However, 11 is considered to be the most intuitive. It’s frequently known as the psychic awareness number. It recognizes both the unconscious and subconscious, therefore, it symbolizes duality.  Nevertheless combining the unconscious and the subconscious is a bit challenging. You can’t do without one. You need to have both of them.

Life path 11

People who are highly intuitive, have amazing energy and have the capability of succeeding in life are those who have acquired the life path of 11. That is really awesome. Their capabilities can be hindered if they hold back due to them being self-conscious and self –critical.

 Stop and Pay Attention

Stopping and paying attention to things in today’s world is the best idea. From what you think to what you do. This is the time to do away with any negativity in your life.  This master number makes sure you’re living your life according to your aim. You should, therefore, have big dreams since you’re supported by the universe.