Mantra To Protect Your Spiritual Well Being


         Psychic attack is still widely debated for as long as I have studied metaphysics. One side states the dangerous and often severe effects such attacks can create in the target’s life. The other side questions whether or not such attacks are even possible and proposes that the negativity comes only from the mind of the victim.While both sides of the debate have merit, what cannot be denied is that feeling we get when someone has directed negative energy at us, whether it be through angry words, a harsh look, obvious jealousy, or just that overall feeling of hostility or dislike that we have all experienced at one time or another. It takes a toll on well-being.

Those who believe in the validity of psychic attack, or who have felt the sensation of negative energy being directed at them, generally spend a great deal of time and energy warding themselves from this negativity and returning it back to the person from which it came. I must admit that early on in my studies I did the same. But one day I had a flash realization that I was wasting tremendously valuable resources. Not only was I wasting my own energy, but also the energies that were being directed at me. I also realized that by reacting to someone else’s actions or feelings, I was giving them power over my life, ignoring my personal power, and neglecting my well-being.

Simple Transformation

Meditating on alternate ways to handle this energy always brought me to a place where I knew that I was loved, safe and powerful in my own right. I was shown an effective way in which to make someone else’s negative thoughts or energy work for my best and highest good. The key was simple transformation—transformation in how I perceived energy and transformation in how I reacted to the thoughts and feelings projected by others.

Emotional or Spiritual Energy

Emotional or spiritual energy, in its purest form, is neither good nor bad; it simply is. We, as human beings, assign positive or negative associations to these energies and view them as either helpful or harmful things. But I decided to consciously accept any and all energies that were directed at me and transform them to work for my best and highest good or to give a boost to my own energies that I was investing in my work.

This was a much simpler process than directing negative energies back to the sender or constantly shield myself from the negative thoughts or energies of others which, as an empath, can be extensive and quite time-consuming. I developed a 60-second solution in the form of a mantra that I state with clear intention each morning upon waking and every evening as I retire.

My Mantra

My mantra is simply this: “I accept any and all energies that are directed toward me today (or tonight) with the knowledge that they are transformed and work for my best and highest good. All energy I direct toward others works for their best and highest good.” Could anything be easier? In just 60 seconds I clear my mind, ground my own energy, focus my will, and repeat my mantra with the sure knowledge that my intention is clear and my will is done.

The results are instantaneous, and I walk through every minute of every day knowing that each person I encounter who directs energy at me, no matter what their intent might be, is benefiting me. Also, each person I encounter is benefiting from their connection with me. What a beautiful ripple effect! I invite you to give it a try and see the changes as they play out in your own life and relationships.