Maintaining Spiritual Sanctity by Stopping Energy Leaks

Maintaining Spiritual Sanctity by Stopping Energy Leaks

Maintaining Spiritual Sanctity by Stopping Energy LeaksEnergy is the flow of both spiritual and physical grace. Energy is highly powerful as it governs our mind, body, and soul. When our energy become unbalanced, we have energy leaks that can be exhausting and overtaxing.

There is an old Yogic text that speaks of the lioness that holds her milk within herself until a pure gold container is provided. If the milk is placed into anything other than pure gold, it will destroy the container. The meaning is obvious, we hold within us great power, but we must be strong and protect this or we suffer loss.

There are recognizable symptoms of energy leaks. These include things like worry, people pleasing, fear, self-criticism, judgement, draining relationships, and complaining. You may also overthink and have cluttered mind or surroundings as the energy leaks continue.

Stopping Leaks

Stopping energy leaks is actually quite simple. You will begin to be more self-trusting as you understand that this is a positive that will change your thought processes over time.

Let’s review some specific actions:


Meditation is important because it allows you to connect with self. IT calms your senses while allowing for a deeper personal understanding. When you take the time to enjoy quite moments, you become who you truly are in life. Going deeper allows you to understand complex situations with ease and become productive. This creates the need for less energy and less energy loss. Regular meditation is highly necessary.

Letting Go

Some people in life are extremely draining. These individuals need to be let go of in your life. These energy vampires will take all your positive energy and leave you hindered, unable to regain that energy because they are till around. Letting them go sets you free to be who you are meant to in life.

Say No

We need boundaries in life to keep ourselves from extreme energy loss. It is ok to simply say no to people and things. No explanation needed. No is a sentence in and of itself. This is part of self-preservation.

Remove Addictions

Any addiction, whether it be alcohol, drugs, or smoking, is an energy drain. Addicts are pleasure seekers when they should really be nourishing their souls. Pleasure has unending repercussions, but the actual pleasure is temporary. It’s a vicious cycle in which you lose energy an begin to feel empty.


Decluttering is not limited to the mind, but includes physical space. This simplifies life and allows you to take control of your space and mind. This will renew your energy.