Learn to Balance Your Chakras without Reiki

Learn to Balance Your Chakras without Reiki

Does your mind and body need restore? Do you feel sick or upset for no reason? The energy center or your chakras need to be balanced in order for you to be at peace, have energy and to be grounded.

Energy healers will spend years trying to help people that have chronic conditions. A healer can help you to know what you need to do in order to balance your chakras and to be strong.


In the Root chakra is where you are connected to the earth. You can imagine a root going through your body and out of your feet and into the earth.

Let the earth show you support and let the energy of Gaia flow through you. You will see that this can bring you peace and joy.

Smell Things

Take time to smell things that you love such as flowers. The Sacral chakra helps to bring you joy and will help you to be happy about things in your life. Learn to enjoy food and to accept the balance of your sacral chakra.

Be Mindful

You also can deal with craving and addiction through the Sacral chakra. Strengthen this so that you can be strong and stop indulging in things such as alcohol or other toxic habits.


If you want to increase your creativity, you have to balance your body, mind, and soul. You can increase your talents and learn to be more creative. Take a few minutes each day to write something down or to draw something. This can help you to increase your sacral chakra.

Say No

In the Solar Plexus is where you have power to be who you want to be. This is the place where you have strength and boundaries.

You can say no to people and to things that do not give you goodness in your life. Take time away from your electronics and let joy and peace come to you.


The heart chakra is where you find your happiness and your kindness. Learn to accept others and be a giver and a receiver. Learn to be equal and to treat people with unconditional love. Do not be afraid to ask for things, just say “please” and “thank you” when you do.

Sing a Song

Use your throat chakra to sing a song or to chant. Doing this can help to increase your vibrational frequency and help you to express yourself.


The throat chakra allows you to express what you are feeling and to speak the truth. Take time to write down in a journal what you are feeling and what emotions are playing a role in your life. Do not have judgement or be afraid of what you are writing down.

A Letter

Send someone a message of truth. This can help you to connect to your throat chakra. If you have something you need to tell someone, write it down and share your feelings.


Dreaming is one way that your spirit guides talk to you. When your third eye chakra is open, you can hear your intuition better and learn to listen. Your guides can talk to you in dreams and when you dream, write it down and learn to pay attention to what messages you are getting.


Find out what you believe and if you are taking care of yourself. Do you believe in your spirit guides and the universe? Expand what your crown chakra is feeling by what you believe.

You can heal your own body and your chakras by being true to yourself. Learn to increase your vibrational energy and learn to heal your body, mind, and soul. You can do this and align the chakra systems without any kind of help including Reiki.