Is Magic Real or an Imagination?

Magic Real

People often look at magic and they doubt it. This is not a bad thing because you have to figure out your spiritual life and the things you do and don’t believe in so that you can figure out what is real and what isn’t.

One thing that often holds people back is that they are not sure if their spirit work is real or if they have just imagined or made it up. In the society that people live in, it is hard to separate the thoughts that we have and beliefs that we have with what we have been taught. Sometimes people teach magic as something of unbelief.

This kind of belief can cause you not to use your magic correctly and if you are not sure if you have had a real experience when doing your magic, then you will always hold back your magic and will never find what you are good at.

When people hold back, it can cause their spirit work to not work, and it can affect other things such as astral traveling and other witch practices that people use. The thing is your imagination is important and is used in many works and many states of being. Witches believe that things in the imagination is false and that can cause them not to grow but the truth is the imagination is one of the best tools that you can use when doing magic.

Fake Imagination

One thing about being a witch is that you use your imagination, and this is not fake. What happens in your head can be based strongly on your magic. Your mind is part of the energy that you have with the world around you and if you look at your spirit from a different perspective it will be your mind’s eye view that you see it from. Just like the spirit world, even if you aren’t seeing it, you know that the spirits are there. There are different energies that you will be able to sense and there are only some people that are able to be able to understand these energies in a physical sense.

Most people are only able to feel subtle energies such as the auras around them or maybe a spirit, but it is important to know that the imagination is also a subtle energy that you actually see.

Even though we know the imagination isn’t fake, not everything that we think of or imagine is real because our mind can become full of thoughts that are stressful or anxious and they can be thoughts that invade the mind. Using the imagination for your magic means that you have to learn to discern what kind of things your imagination is showing you.

Use your tools of divination to help you know the difference between information and stress thoughts that everyone comes up with sometimes.

When someone has thoughts that things are just in their head when doing magic, you need to know that all things come from your mind. Your mind is always taking the information that you get and making it something real for you. Even your own personality is controlled by your mind and does that mean that you are fake because you have a personality? Not at all! Your imagination is as real as your personality.

Why Your Mind is Important

As a witch, if you were put into an empty room and you had zero tools or anything to use, you could still use your imagination to make magic work. Your imagination is one of the best things that you could ever have because no matter where you are, what you have or what is going on, your imagination is there. It doesn’t matter if you have certain ingredients or if you have certain tools because using your imagination is a tool even more powerful than you can imagine. This is one thing that you should use when you are practicing witchcraft and you are becoming a stronger witch.

Everything in your life, including your magic, starts with the mind. The spell or the ritual that you are going to use has to be thought up in your mind before you ever think the spell is going to work. When you use your imagination and you do a spell, your imagination will give you a different feeling and will help you to use your energy to make things work. You are able to use your imagination to make energy work for your good and it is just as easy as visualizing things.

Your imagination can make you feel experiences and sensations that you have experienced on any given day. Your imagination can make up sounds, thoughts, visions, tastes, feelings and more. Not everyone can use their imagination this powerfully but as you practice using your mind, you can get more senses than you thought would ever happen. So, when you have no tools, your mind is there to help you to create magic without anything else.

Using the Mind to Make Your Magic Strong

Everyone uses their imagination each and every day, even when you don’t realize it. You are using it when you do magic or when you are just living. This is a tool that is powerful, and you need to use it to help to grow your crafting.

Using the Mind to Create Sensations

Your mind is there to create input that comes to you from the outside in. This is a sensation that can be beyond any kind of magic. This sensation can move through your body from energy that is one place and then comes to you. The energy can travel from one place or thing to you and then it can create energy waves that go to your mind.

The sensations will feel how your body sees these things and will create a sensation that you can feel in your body. This is one way that you can make magic. You can do things such as light a candle and you will feel the energy of the candle to move to your mind and it will help you to set a strong intention. This is one way that you can change the energies that come to you, and you can use it to make your magic work. You can do the same thing with energies that come to your mind by using your imagination. The sensations that you have inside of you will change from that energy to energy that comes to your mind.


Most witches will know that visualization is a big part of witchcraft. It would be hard to do a spell that didn’t use visualization in some way. Each time you visualize something you will see that you can take your imagination and you can get the results that your mind tells you.

There are many people that try to teach visualization and they will tell you that you have to feel it, hear it, smell it, see it, and taste it to make it work and to create the emotion needed. This is how you can make your imagination run wild and have the energy that you need to make things real.

Imagination and Extrasensory Input

Your mind is always working, and your psychic senses are always there. You can use your imagination to change what your aura energy looks like or what other light you are working with. Your imagination helps you to do astral traveling or it can also help you to get messages.

Your imagination can be seen as an extrasensory sensation such as a radio. The energy is passed from one thing to your mind which allows the electrical waves to send data to your mind and it interprets the signals and then they make an image. That is how your imagination works. It will let you see the energies around you, and it will make more sense in what you see.

If someone tells you to never listen to your imagination, then they are completely wrong. Your imagination is a huge part of who you are, and it is a tool that you should always be ready and willing to use as a witch. When you want to do magic, do not ever think that your imagination is not part of that. Look deeper at what your mind is telling you and use this magic as part of your crafting.