How To Have That Sexy Body Back?


            Just visualize yourself looking your best once again… picture yourself becoming stronger, feeling better and perhaps a bit younger. The first step to achieving your goal is to visualize it. Visualize it? Yep. Expand your imagination and visualize yourself thinner, stronger and healthier. Etch the mental picture of your new, improved self in your mind. Now imagine going through the process of achieving your goal step by step.

Step 1 – Better posture

You are never too young, too old, or too cool to improve your posture. Look at yourself in the mirror. Now stand up straight and tall. See the difference? You look thinner already! Paste a photo on your refrigerator of how you want to look. Visualize how you want to look. Picture yourself living in your dream body.

Step 2 – Positive self-awareness

Gloria, an active, physically fit woman in her 60s told me that she was taught that “in great challenges are the greatest opportunities.” She has followed that model her entire life. She believes in mind-body integration, a synergy of physical ability and mind-set melded together to make a whole person. Today she competes against women half her age in amateur pole dancing competitions. Pole dancing requires rigorous training to build the necessary upper body and core strength to perform. Did you know that regular exercise can help keep your muscles and joints strong, and help to maintain bone density? There are many types of exercise that can benefit you. The key is to find one that pleases you so that you will stick with it.

Step 3 – Exercise

You need consistency in your workouts but you also need to rotate the exercises to focus on different muscle groups. Did you realize that muscle burns four times more calories than fat? Identify roadblocks and get past them. In other words, get out of your comfort zone! Another benefit of working out regularly is that it can help to balance your emotions.

Step 4 – Replacing bad habits with good ones

The key to fitness is to listen to your body! Don’t eat out of boredom or emotional trials and tribulations. Drink lots of fresh water; eat organic vegetables and grain-fed meats without antibiotics. Take broad-spectrum vitamins. Many people in the U.S. have enough to eat but they are nutritionally starved by eating too much processed food, hydrogenated fats and an excess of salt and sugar.

Years ago I had the pleasure of living on a Mediterranean Island. Refrigeration was expensive so everyone cooked what was fresh that day. The food was so full of favor that I learned to enjoy vegetables that I had never cared for before. When I came back to the USA and began eating the cardboard-tasting frozen foods sold at the supermarket I was dissatisfied. I learned that if I wanted to eat healthier I needed to add greater variety to my menu. I began shopping at the Farmer’s Market for fresh food. Fresh food has stabilized my digestion, my food allergies have gone away and my hair and skin have benefited too. Good food has power.

Ask How We Can Help

Many of us need psychics as much as we need a trainer. A psychic can help you achieve your fullest potential by helping to unlock your inner resources for healing and change. A psychic is supportive and responsive, and will encourage your self esteem. The goal is to help you find your true self and achieve your goals. Your dream body may be at the top of your list.