How to Have Stronger Psychic Gifts

How to Have Stronger Psychic Gifts

Everyone has some kind of psychic gifting but not everyone knows it or knows what to do with it. There are ways that you can develop your gifts and reach your psychic goals.


One of the best ways to develop your giftings is to meditate.  When you meditate, you are able to tune out things that are not helping you. You can quiet your mind and learn to relax.

This can help you to stop being stressed and to be more mindful of your mood and your energies. Spirit energy is a strong vibration and can help you reach your higher self.

Meditation can help you to calm down and hear things from the spirit world. Once you learn to meditate and discipline yourself, you will see that you are more mindful and that you are developing your gifts.


Different energies can be in different places. You can use objects to find out if you can read energies and strengthen your psychic powers. This is a very easy thing to do after you get the hang of it.

Psychometry means that you are able to feel the energies of an object around you. Start by holding the object and closing your eyes. Think about the object and see if you get any information.

Doing this can be rewarding for you and can help you to know your spiritual self and to be in tune with who you are. You can strengthen this by practicing and seeing what each object tells you.


Being clairaudient means that you are able to hear things in the spiritual world. It means you hear without using your ears. You will hear things and be able to reach towards a goal in your life.

This gift allows you to get psychic messages and to help you to develop your abilities. Practice this gift by listening to things around you and tuning out unnecessary noises.


You can practice seeing your own aura and auras around you. Doing this can help you to strengthen your gifts.

Stand in a place that has a colored wall. Look at the distance in a mirror and see if you see an aura come around you.

Once you do this for yourself you can practice with other people.


You can increase your giftings by the foods you eat. Eating healthy can increase your vibrations and make you stronger.

Psychic diets remove foods that hurt your body and are not healthy such as chips and pastries. This can help you to be stronger in your physical and psychic body.

Some things to avoid include alcohol, caffeine, pasteurized foods, and meat.


Take time to read things that can help you to develop your gifts. Read books on psychic gifts or read articles online. You can even listen to podcasts.

Increase your intuition by becoming knowledgeable about things that you do not know about. Look on Google and you will find all kinds of things to look at.

Take Classes

Find classes in your area that can help you to increase your psychic giftings. Doing this can help you to stop doubting yourself and work with likeminded people.

This can help you to be more conscious of what is going on around you and to be more spiritual.

Symbol Book

Take time to write down all of the symbols that you have received. You can do this as a power point or in a journal.

Doing this can help you to focus on your spirit guides. You can then ask them questions and seek out answers to what is going on in your life.

Recording these things can increase your psychic gifts and help you to develop.


When you start recording things, begin to keep it in a journal. This will help you to remember all of the things that have happened to you.

Write down dreams and events and put all of the signs and symbols that you have gotten in a book. When you write these things down, you develop your senses, and you can go back and look at how far you have come.

This lets you get a bigger picture in your life and what you are good at.

Old Pictures

Take time to look at old pictures and see what you can get out of them. Pictures can let out vibrations and can give you information about people in them.

Once you develop your giftings, you can be more successful in noticing your gifts. All you need is a picture and your mind. Look at the image and then see if you can relate anything to it.

Using pictures can be a time stop because it is like the image is frozen in time. Doing this can increase your gifts and make you stronger.