How to Balance Your Chakras

Balance Your Chakras

Once you learn about your chakras, you find out that you have seven main chakras in your body and that each of the chakras help to work parts of your body and to put energy there. You can figure out which chakras work which part of your body and then when you begin learning more, you will see that there are ways that you can balance your chakras and keep them from being blocked.

Balancing your chakras is very important because your chakras help to transmit your energy from one part of your body to the next and it helps you to live your life to the fullest. When your chakras are balanced, you will feel better in life, have joy, attract good relationships and have a high vibrational frequency.

On the other hand, when your chakras are unbalanced, it can cause you to have strong emotional problems, physical pain and problems reaching your higher self.

There are different signs that you can look at in your life and if you see that there are negative things that keep coming back to your life or if you have sicknesses that you cannot explain, chances are that this means one or more of your chakras are blocked.

You might have a sore throat, or you might have problems talking to people and this can show you that your throat chakra is unbalanced.

Balancing Your Chakras

There are different ways that you can balance your chakras and one of the best ways is by using visualization. Visualization can help you to see what you want in your life and to embrace your ideas.

You have to be specific when you visualize things and you have to learn to even remember things such as how you feel, what kind of expression you had and how you look at things. Learn to respond to your emotions and change your chakras to match what you want your life to look at.

Balance Your Life

When life is not balanced, it will cause your chakras to be unbalanced too. You can do things to balance your life such as eating right, being in healthy relationships and having enough money and a good career.

Make sure your life is stable to have balance.

Daily Things

Keep the things that you do daily positive. Learn to have harmony in your life and make sure you do rituals each day that keep you healthy in your mind, body and soul.

Your mind and body and soul need to be taken care of and you need to do things such as meditating, journaling or visualizing to stay grounded.

Chakra Checking

Look into your chakras and see what you feel. Relax and deep breathe and see if you feel that parts of your body are not as full of energy as other parts of your body.

This can mean that your energy is blocked and is not flowing like you think that it should be. This could mean that you need more love or that you need to influence your life for the better to get rid of blockages.

Sound Healing

Doing different rituals are great at balancing your chakras but one thing that you can try is a sound bath. This means that you use sounds to get rid of blockages. This can allow your energy to flow.

You can find a healer in your area or get a singing bowl and try it yourself.


Chanting can help you to balance your chakras. When you chant, it tells your body to open up and allow your energy to move.

Chanting needs to come from inside and it can help you to heal. The vibrations in your voice can flow through your body and bring your energy to the center.


Meditating is a good way to balance your chakras but if you need an extra boost, try things such as crystals to help level out your meditation and to increase your healing.

Choose a crystal that works with the chakra that you feel is unbalanced. Use your intuition to decide which stones to use.

Chakra Color Meditation

Each chakra is based around a color and if you feel that one of your chakras are blocked, find out what color radiates from it and wear something with that color, eat foods that are that color or even imagine that color moving through your body and clearing out the energy of that chakra.