Heart Chakra Solution For A Brokenheart

    Love could be the greatest thing that might happen into one’s life but it can also serves too much pain that can’t be measured. When you open yourself up to receive love you are also making yourself vulnerable to disappointment when problems arise or when a separation occurs. These painful emotions can block the flow of energy to your heart chakra making it more difficult to heal from heartbreak and preventing you from loving again fully in the future. 

This heart chakra heartbreak remedy can help you to restore balance and create more emotional and energetic harmony. 
1) Breathe and Release
 Find a place that is quiet and peaceful, get comfortable, close your eyes, and take several deep breaths relaxing your entire body with each exhale. Place your hands on your chest and with each exhale say, “I release with love and acceptance”. You are releasing your desire to control the situation and accepting the abundance of universal love that is available for you.
2) Golden Light Healing
Imagine a beam of golden healing light shining down over your entire body. Continue to breathe deeply and with each exhale, focus on relaxing all your muscles and freeing any tension. Remember, your mind is very powerful. Your thoughts create your experience. Right now you are choosing to feel peace and love.
Use your imagination to allow this golden healing light to cleanse and open the flow of energy throughout your body. Place your hands on your chest and channel this golden light energy to your heart chakra. Make affirmative statements to your heart such as, “I am loved” or “I am healed”.

3) Speak from the Heart
The only way out of the broken heart maze is to accept and go through your feelings. Speaking from the heart is about you voicing how you feel right now. It’s not about judgments or right versus wrong. It’s about validating that you matter and that your feelings matter, so it’s important to find a safe space to express your emotions.
Journaling can be a very healthy outlet for self-expression. A good friend is also a great choice for a sounding board if they can keep your confidence. Consider calling a telephone psychic to let it out and explore future love possibilities. Keep in mind that speaking from the heart is about your emotional health and inner peace. This should not be the place for arguments or conflicting opinions about anything you have to say.

4) Repeat the First Three Steps as Needed
Depending on the severity of the broken heart, you may need to repeat these steps and that’s OK. What you may discover is that overtime you will begin to feel more accepting of your situation and the alleviation of your heartbreak. Some people will even experience joy as they discover that universal love is real and accessible at any time.