Can You Handle a Long-Distance Relationship?ldr1

There are lot of advices on how to succeed on having a long-distance relationship but not matter how much effort you put into it, if the relationship is not normal, it will not survive. I think one of the biggest keys to a successful long-distance relationship is being able to identify where your relationship is and the type of partner you are or have. Then maybe you’ll know if you can actually make your long-distance relationship successful.

The Long Distance Type

Recent researches about relationships suggest that there are 3.5 million couples living hundreds and thousands of miles from each other for one reason. Couples who are career-oriented doing this kind of relationship can be considered as the happiest couples. But remember that not everyone is. If you or your partner are not career-oriented, both of you can still be happy, if the distance between you is a result of the pursuit of some kind of self-fulfillment.


Dissatisfaction on couples’ relationships is often feel because as individuals, one or both of them do not feel contented. Your relationship will prosper when both of you and your partner are at your best, which is why it’s important to find and do what makes each of you happy. If that means spending time apart to pursue a dream or passion, then so be it.

Reunion Plan

Having a reunion plan with your partner will be a great help. If you are separated due to work or school commitments, you must have a specific date when you’ll be together again. Remember that being separated from your partner is only temporary, which means you have someone who loves you who is waiting for you. There are times when you crave intimacy and closeness, but if you want to make your long-distance relationship work, you need to wait until you see each other again.

Do Not Hesitate

In order for a long-distance relationship to be successful, you need to be completely committed to your partner before you or they leave. If there is something about your relationship that makes either one of you hesitate, doubt will creep in the moment you part. However, if you are absolutely sure they’re the one you want to be with, the idea of spending time apart will seem more manageable.

No Resentment

Either you or your partner may feel resentment because one of you is choosing to pursue self-fulfillment. There’s no doubt that long-distance relationships require more effort than being together or living in the same town, but if you aren’t willing to make the effort and you aren’t willing to support their path to self- fulfillment, maybe you are not as committed to each other as you thought. You have to be able to let them go without resenting them and they can’t resent you for wanting to go either.


ldr3Intimacy isn’t just about the physical act of sex because not all relationships are all about sex. In fact, a lot couples with long-distance relationships have mastered the art of long-distance relationship intimacy. They are often more
creative and diligent when it comes to keeping the passionate fires going. And if physical contact is still needed, make plans to see each other.

It is really hard for a couple not to experience daily hugs from each other. However, getting them is not always possible. But I take comfort knowing that we are committed to each other and trust each other enough to let each other pursue self-fulfillment. I know if we had to, we could make a long-distance relationship work. It is because long-distance relationship is about trusting each other not doubting each other.