Fostering Beliefs in Reaching Higher Ground


higher-ground     Positive thinking will help us raise our vibrations into activating changes in our brain that releases negative thought patterns, it will then make a room for spiritual transformations of the miraculous kind.

They create an energy all their own. Affirming words, thoughts and actions give us the miraculous ability to raise the frequency of thought to change the body, mind and soul into healing action and manifestation.

When thoughts are repeated, they become beliefs. Belief brings in our reality.  As we have formed thought patterns which do not serve us well as we go about our lives, we must form new ones to replace those we have decided to let go.

Depending on our emotional needs at the time, as we work on our mental “chatter,” there are many ways to think, speak and act affirmatively. Some phrases that may help you create the energy you need to let in the positive energy that heals your thoughts:

meditationI am strong
I am capable
I am made of light
I am spiritual consciousness
I am grateful for the healing energy you bring as you open your hands to receive energy
Every negative thought is only temporary – I can process it, release it, heal it and move forward
How do I heal this with your guidance by incorporating higher knowledge?

During meditation speak with your guides and loved ones intuitively and out loud. Listen and see through your third eye vision the words, people, places, things that will be providing these answers. Breathe in your affirmations and feel their energy flow through all your chakra centers. Courage takes practice.

Remember that peace is an energy. You are the creator. In most situations you have time to make a choice. Is this my circus? Are these thoughts coming from my true self or of those around me? Through choosing affirmation you can intuit the path to take at that time without letting the doubt and anxiety change what you know is really true for you. It may take you out of your comfort zone but that could be a very good thing!

Anytime that stress brings in these little voices, use your big inside voice to quiet them down. Write, speak, pray, meditate, walk, sing, dance and affirm to release and renew. Affirmations should be a part of your everyday life like brushing your teeth. Your quality of life depends on your thoughts. No matter how rich, poor, challenged or blessed you are, your thoughts create your reality.

As you would never approve of someone bullying another, you should never bully yourself by agreeing to negative bullyingthoughts about yourself. Their sources are varied but their voices are destructive in the same way.
The purpose of affirmation is self-improvement and spiritual connection. They should always clear as something that can heal or manifest. It should never be an untrue statement. The subconscious will start to believe the lie which in turn could truly damage your mental state. Instead of concentrating on lack of anything, concentrate on creating abundance and gratefulness. I am Grateful means that you have gratitude for life itself and as long as you are alive, there is something waiting to be discovered, explored, and manifested.

Self-talk can change your entire life setting and attitude if the frequency is set on positive reinforcement. You will let in the forces of metaphysical miracles when the mind can understand there really are endless possibilities in human evolution of the mind’s consciousness. How incredible is this tool that we are really only now beginning to understand through science and belief. If you are endless, and boundless in spirit then you are able to exist way beyond these physical bodies which we are also only just beginning to realize how to keep alive.


Through our diets, beliefs and physical motion these bodies will begin lasting much longer than ever and the mind will expand in its ability to heal. Crossing over will mean walking through to the higher dimensions without leaving our physical bodies at all. Our souls survive. We can always choose to incarnate or live as pure consciousness. In knowing that and reminding ourselves of it through affirming our ongoing existence, we give ourselves a glorious gift of peace.

Reaching that higher ground in an emotional flood becomes a practice that helps to bring in a thriving and growing lifestyle in affirmation of life. We may only be here a set number of years right now in these lifetimes, while we are here and alive, we have purpose and meaning. So do the words you speak to yourself every day. Make sure they are filled with unconditional love and understanding for all you have been and all you are learning to be. Make sure they are sprinkled with forgiveness and humor. Know all you have learned so far is setting you free. You are always in charge. Your thoughts and no one else’s are all you need to affirm how magnificent in soul you really are.