Facts About Black Cats

Facts About Black Cats

Facts About Black CatsBlack cats are a symbol of Halloween and for years, they have been thought to accompany witches and warlocks and be a symbol of bad luck.  These superstitions came from past times and this article talks all about these histories.

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, there were many mice and rats that were running around and so people would leave their homes open for cats to take care of the problem.  Cats were given jewelry and other expensive things in return for their work.

The black cat was especially esteemed and was considered the same as the Egyptian Goddess, Bastet.  This cat was respected to the point where it was mummified on death and would be buried with its owner when they died.  Even killing cats during that time would be punished by death.

The Christians on the other hand, saw how the Egyptians worshiped cats and they did not believe this was right and they thought the cats had to have a demon attached to them and so they began a tale that no one should ever let a black cat cross in their path or that it could stop your relationship with God. This caused the popularity of the cat to turn from popular to cursed.

Middle Ages

Black cats would continue to be consider part of witches and even vampires and people in the Middle Ages would see them roam around and would think that they were taking on cat form even though they were humans.  They believed that the black cat could become a vampire and could take babies and that is why cats would go close to the babies faces when they were sleeping, to steal their breath.

The black cat became a suspect of evil and many people wanted to kill the cats.  Even though cats had once been heroic because of catching rats, they now were considered evil because they would eat rats that were infected by the Bubonic Plague.


The black cat might be considered a root of evil but so is the 13th floor, day and other things.  Even opening an umbrella in the house is considered a curse.  People often times believe in superstition and whenever something bad happens, they look for someone to blame.  Did you cross the path of a black cat and have a bad day?  This could be because of the cat or it could be because you didn’t have good time management.


Many psychics feel that cats are spiritual beings and that they are special to the world around them, even magical and lucky.  When you come across a cat, make sure that you pet it and love it for it is a physical being full of love and compassion to all who own it.