Enhance the Spiritual Connections with Your Partner in 9 Steps

Enhance the Spiritual Connections

Are you looking to take your relationship with your partner to the next level of spiritual connection?

As you embark on your journey towards enlightenment you might be finding that you are reprioritizing your life.  Instead of focusing on your personal wants and needs, you may be looking to join with others to collectively heal humanity.  This frequently includes working with your partner in new ways to create more dynamic compromises that allow you both to feel fulfilled, with the goal to empower each other attain their greatest potential.

Incorporating a more spiritual mindset into your relationship can promote greater love, healthy and longevity.  You both can even expect to see facets of everyday life from a purposeful and compassionate perspective!

Below we have complied a list of nine ways you can enhance the spiritual connection with your love today:

  1. Think Big Picture

In order to amplify your romantic harmony, you both need to comprehend that your union is far beyond a simple give and take dynamic.  It is rooted in a sincere understanding and support for each other as you walk your own life course.  By respecting and upholding each other’s unique purpose your bond will grow both between each other and with the Universe.

  1. Cultivate Your Best Self

You should never feel a lost of self in a relationship.  It’s one thing to consider the needs of others when you are in love, but you should never feel like you need to be anyone except your authentic self.  Periodically check-in with yourself to assess whether you are giving away too much of your essence into this romance.  In spiritual-based relationships neither partner feels a need for power or control.  Both, are encouraged to express themselves freely and regards each other as equals.  This creates necessary space for you each to focus on self-growth.

  1. Prioritizing Self-Care

Spiritual relationships understand that even when you are together you can be complete individuals.  There is a focus on learning, and embracing one’s uniqueness and talents.  Challenges are seen as opportunities for growth and healing.

  1. Release the Past

In order to move along our spiritual path, we must find ways to purge past hurts.  Investigate what relationship baggage you might be carrying that you can release.  Allow these new spaces to be filled with love and light.  With a free and gladdened heart, you can forgive more easily and be able to be a source of hope and inspiration for those in need.

  1. Embrace Your Shadow Side

Not everything in life is sunshine and roses.  We learn much from the deeper and darker aspects of our life.  This is true in relationships as well where you both work together to learn, understand and grow as both individuals and in union with each other.  By ignoring your shadow selves, you can face unnecessary conflict and deception.  Although talking about the hard and difficult components will be challenging, it can actually help bring you closer together and amplify your levels of consciousness.

  1. Welcome Opportunity for Self-Evolution

Change is a big factor in helping us grow as people and in romantic union.  Embracing change allows spiritual partners to be more loving and supportive during the “growing pains.”  Discussing change and its ramifications can help promote the greater good as individuals, in the coupledom and for society at large.

  1. Prioritize Daily Intimacy

Intimacy can involve physical touch or profound mental bonds, both of which will strengthen your union.  Touching in particular helps attune your energetic connections and promotes harmony throughout both partner’s mind, heart, body and soul.

  1. View Your Bond as Sacred

Carving out special time together every day and enjoying fun activities together reinforces your bond together.  Begin and end each day with sincere gratitude for your partners and the lessons you are learning together in your union.

  1. Love Yourself

No matter how much you love your partner, it can all be in vain if you aren’t capable of loving yourself.  Your soul came to Earth in this lifetime for a special purpose, which includes loving yourself in all your quirky glory.  Set aside time to reflect on how the activities of the day and the people you encounter are a part of a Divine-created web to promote love throughout the Universe.  Embrace each aspect of yourself, both the good and the difficult.  Know that as you grow in loving yourself unconditional you help to deliver more love the world around you.