Connecting with a Cosmic Connection

Connecting with a Cosmic Connection

Having a cosmic connection is something that changes the physical world.  We can feel this connection as deep as our bones and it can make us crippled inside or it can make us become whole.

The universe wants to bring us to our destiny, and this can be a cosmic connection.  This is beyond anything we have ever experienced.  Every person that is in our life is there for a reason to influence us and to help us to get closer to our destinies.  They teach us lessons that are valuable and throw us towards different moments in our lives.

A cosmic connection is beyond the earth and is a place in the universe that is working towards our next life.  This makes plans for our destiny and makes us oblivious to the things in the spiritual world. This type of connection is confusing and can show understanding of reality.

Driving Towards Destiny

You will meet this cosmic connection and they will take you towards your destiny.  There aren’t a lot of people in our lives that will impact us positively and if we believe everything that we see, we will know that there is a conviction where we share a connection with someone that we meet.

Spiritual Realm

This person will bring us closer to our spiritual realm.  They will slow us down and make us realize that we have a purpose in our lives.  They will guide us on a material and spiritual plane and will connect us in another level.


This person that is your cosmic connection will not always be a happy one but can bring you pain in your life.  These pains are when you grow spiritually and will stretch who you are and make you to be a better person than who you are.  This pain will guide you in your mind and your soul.

When you are in your comfort zone, we will not feel that we need to become better, but a cosmic connection will push us to be better people and to find out who we are spiritually.

Talking is Easy

You will meet someone that is a cosmic connection with you, and they will help to get rid of all of your fears.  You will have strong vibes with them, and they will be easy to talk to.

Talking to these people will make you feel like you can handle anything, and you will be able to get rid of your emotional baggage.  Something inside of you will allow you to unload on them and this will make you a stronger and better person.


When you meet your cosmic connection, it will be different than other connections that you have.  You will see that when you are connected this way with someone that it is different, and it is a stronger relationship than other relationships that you have.

You will learn to connect to them, and you will be a better person because of it.  Keep these people close to you and learn to grow emotionally and physically because of them.