Combat Fear for a Happy Life

Combat Fear

I have this thinking and a way that I use as a psychic and spiritual advisor to help others in their journey to life.  It’s one of my favorites and it often leads to dramatic changes in my callers’ lives:

F = False

E = Evidence

A = Appearing

R = Real

Does fear keep you from letting someone into your life? Do you sabotage relationships due to it? Or have you had someone push you away due to their own fear? Does it keep you at home, afraid to go and do things on your own?  Do you wish you could be brave enough to take a class or go out dancing? These are just some of the ways fear can freeze up your life and keep you from love and happiness. But you can let your fear go! I did it 40 years ago and I’m here to show you how.

Different Types of Fears

Some fears are just innate—like being afraid of the dark, spiders or lightning. Other are conditioned and come from experience—like going to the dentist, getting a shot or being stung by a bee; you have been trained or conditioned to react to some stimuli. In any case, the fear I’m talking about is either a result of something that has already happened (something you’d not like to experience again), or something that may happen (so much so that it keeps you from moving forward).

  • It’s a Roadblock

Whether you fear something you’d not like to repeat, or something that may happen, know that it is keeping you from a happier life and for no real reason! It’s a roadblock, but one that can be removed with the right tools.

  • Get Out of Your Head

The first thing you need to do is get out of your head. Do this in order to figure out where the fear is coming from. Read the statement below and fill in the blank:

  • When (fill in blank) happens I feel my old fear coming up.

For example, “When I go on a date with someone new, I feel my old fear coming up.” Now you know where it comes from. For some, a first date could bring up feelings about bad first dates or also an ex. Another example: “When I go to the doctor, I feel my old fear coming up.” The solution is to prepare a positive affirmation to help retrain your mind. Try it for yourself! Read the statement below and fill in the blank:

“When (fill in blank) happens I will remember that I am strong and safe and will protect myself! I am confident in myself and will take a deep breath, hold my head up and move forward!”

  • Retrain Your Brain

Take your fear and use the positive statement above to retrain your brain. Write your positive statement down for each fear and put them in a place where you can see them. Or, put them somewhere, like your wallet or in your phone, so you can read them any time you need to. You can also say them to yourself or out loud any time you mind starts to go to that negative place. This is how you take control of your mind and learn to choose your life path instead of hiding from it.

  • You Control Your Mind

The more you use your positive affirmations, the easier things certainly become. However, you need to be vigilant and know that you (and only you) are in control of your mind. You can’t go down that dark hole if you consciously stay in control of where your mind goes and reroute it back up towards the light. Realize that you can have a happier life! All you must do is get clear about what is holding you back. Take action, control your fear, and you can certainly learn to laugh and love again!