Does Colors Have a Say In Our Daily Lives?


downloadColors surround us. They are a part of our daily lives and have meaning and can affect us in ways many people don’t understand.


Aqua is the color of metaphysics. It represents a magical mind. It is a wonderful color to use for bringing in a state of peacefulness and profound self-reflection. It is the color for healing, creativity, and cooling down tempers.



Brown Represents the Color of Mastering the Magic. It is most used in working with all of the animals we see on this planet. Brown is the color of your Earth star chakra which is located between your feet. Brown represents stability, a sense of security, balance, and grounding. It influences common sense, discrimination, finding the lost and new growth.


The Color White Represents Ceremonial Magic

White is used for all types of ceremonies and rituals. It influences purity, friendship, infancy, Spirit, increase, birth and creation. Crystal white is the color sincerity, divinity, transformation, and focused singular sounds (bell or gong ringing). It is also used in all forms of blessings.


Grey is particularly associated with Wizardry as it neither black nor white. It Represents Knowledge, Lore and Wisdom. It encompasses all colors while being none of them. It influences initiation, the hidden revealed and creative imagination.

Black start over 2

Black influences fortitude and consistency because of the need to make it through the darkness. Black represents the Night and Foreboding  Black is the color that represents protection and banishing, which makes it ideal to use for magical tools. It banishes bad habits and can turn negative energy into positive energy if used properly. This color is also used when making drastic life changes and examining one’s past lives.

In addition, three 3 Metallic colors often used as accents in fashion and as jewelry have their own meanings too:

Copper Represents Plants, Fertility and Growth

Silver Represents Intuition, Mother Energies, and the Tides of Change

Gold Represents Wealth, Prosperity, Enthusiasm, and Coming into One’s Power

Now that you’ve explored the best colors for you, it’s also important to know WHEN to wear them. Specific colors have a stronger influence on certain days of the week. To conclude this article, I present your handy day by day fashion guide.

Planetary Influences and Day That Represent the Colors

Sunday (Sun): Gold, Yellow, Orange, and Hot Pink

Monday (Moon): White, Silver, and Pale Blue

Tuesday (Mars): Red, Black, Scarlet and Orange

Wednesday (Mercury): Purple and Orange

Thursday (Jupiter): Purple, Royal Blue, and Green

Friday (Venus): Pink, Aqua, and Copper

Saturday (Saturn): Black and Deep Purple

I suggest you print out a copy of this list and hang up by your wardrobe so you can make sure to wear the optimum colors seven days a week!  Enjoy!