Would You Choose Your Partner Or Best friend?


  A sudden sparks made your life more greater when you met this guy and you think you are falling in love. He’s everything you could wish for but your best friend hates him. What do you do. How can you choose between your best friend and your boyfriend? 

You’ve known your bestie since you were kids in grade school. You’ve been through so many changes and problems together. She held your head the first time you got drunk. You stayed with her all night when her boyfriend ended it with her. You’ve had your fights, sure, but one of you always said sorry and you knew you’d be best friends for life. Now, the problem is time and if they won’t get along… the who would you choose?

Each situation is different, of course, but you have to firstly try to find a solution where you keep both of them. It might be a good idea to sit them both down and talk about it calmly. If that doesn’t work, you have to examine the reasons why your friend hates your boyfriend.

  • Is it because she fancied him first?
  • Is she frightened of losing your friendship?
  • Is she jealous?

Do the same if it is the other way around:

  • Why doesn’t your boyfriend get on with your friend?
  • Is he jealous when you want to spend time with her?
  • Is he willing to compromise or is he demanding that you drop her?

Often people who demand that you choose one over the other don’t have your best intentions at heart. They are only concerned about their own feelings, which are almost always based on insecurity. It’s difficult because you can rarely set aside your own emotions to look at the situation calmly and rationally to make the choice.

Think about the times you shared with your friend:

  • Does she usually have your back?
  • Is she supportive or needy?
  • What do you think her motives are for acting this way?
  • Is she concerned about you or herself?

Weigh all that up against the potential of your future relationship with your boyfriend:

  • Do you think it will last?
  • Has he got a bad record in previous relationships?
  • Is he the one pushing you to break up with your best girl?
  • Is he supportive or needy?

Take all the time you need to mull over these questions. Do your best to set aside your emotions. Pretty soon you will reach a conclusion. Make your decision and go with it.

Have you ever had to choose between your best friend and your boyfriend? Who did you choose, and do you think you made the right decision?

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