Can You Say the Truth All the Time?

Can You Say the Truth All the Time?

As what they say “Everybody lies” but how important is the truth? Is it worth committing wholeheartedly to it and in any situation? Or are white lies acceptable and an unavoidable part of being human?

Commitment would vary from person to person, and it carries a lot of weight for some, others may take it more lightly. However, regardless of the level of commitment to commitment one has, sharing the truth with the world may be the key that unlocks the doors to wellness and personal satisfaction. Mental and physical health may seem far removed from the moral implications of living a life committed to truthfulness, but in fact, they are very closely tied to one another.

  • Listen Up and Learn

Like a high-priced lawyer or a well-seasoned sleuth, the first step towards the truth is to be an active listener. Without a crystal-clear account of the events at hand, there will not be enough evidence to dispute the lie in question.

  • Question Inaccuracies

Did you hear or report the details one way the first time, and then you happened to notice a slightly different version the next?

These tiny differences make trust so much more challenging, and these red flags can cause the stomach to drop and the heart to sink. A dark gray cloud of distrust rolls into the relationship.

Questioning these inaccuracies forces the verification of what truly happened or provides a chance for an open admission of lying or exaggerating.

  • Abolish Embellishment

Stories have a way of spiraling out of control, especially when a creative person is behind the wheel of the tale. Be it through a face-to-face conversation, a quick chat on the phone, through a text or enclosed in an e-mail, it’s easy to interpret the words of a loved one as a promise.

  • Make a Mental Inventory

Before knowing another, you must first know yourself. If you cannot acknowledge your personal truth and be truthful to yourself at all times, particularly when it is difficult, how will you be truthful with others? After all, nothing is more harmful to your wellbeing than being in denial and lying to yourself. Mental dishonesty leads to misery.

  • Discover Authenticity

Simply put, be real and do not put on a front. Truth promotes togetherness, trust, and teamwork. Frequently, when you open up to someone, they have gone through a similar situation themselves and if they are a compassionate person, they will sympathize with you instantly. The, they will share their story, giving you the gift of their life experience and gained wisdom.

  • When in Doubt, Stick to It

The truth does not have a beginning or an ending. It is a timeless legacy that is a gift for future generations. Lies have a much shorter half-life, quickly fizzling out or constantly changing over time. If you remember this when communicating with yourself and others, your words, behaviors, and actions will stand the test of time and help influence and shape the lives of those who walk the footsteps of our future.