Bring Luck To Your Life Through Feng Shui


   You have a lot of power on your fortune than you ever think. Feng shui has the power to increase your overall well-being, and there are particular tips that may give you luck too. Once you have made your home and work environments more feng shui friendly, I recommend considering the following ideas to bring good luck!

Luck in Your Relationships

• Place a statue of two mandarin ducks, two swans, or a dragon & phoenix in your bedroom. These animals symbolize luck in marriage.

• Get a lucky charm, bracelet, ring or other piece of jewelry made of rose quartz. This stone is known to bring luck in romance.

• Wear pink and red more often. These are the lucky colors of love!

Luck in Your Home

• Paint each room a welcoming color aligned with the feng shui bagua. Each effectively colored room will increase the power of the bagua elements. For example, painting the “Fame” room/part of the house with an orange or reddish color will give you luck in fame, ego and reputation.

“Know your intentions toward money and its ability to become abundant in your life.” 

• Near the entry of your home, place a horseshoe or a frog with coins in its mouth to bring good luck to your home.

Luck With Your Family

• Hang happy family portraits prominently in every room, especially in the far left room/part of the house, which represents family and health.

• Display an elephant statue, with the trunk pointing up, to promote protection, fertility and good luck.

• If you want children, make sure to place representations of children in the far right room/part of your house. Also, have plenty of white and metal in this area. These items and colors will promote luck with children.

“Know that within your spiritual core, you deserve abundance. Stay away from people who say otherwise.” 

Luck in Your Finances

• Place bowls of coins in each room. This brings positive energy to your cash flow and good luck with your money acquisition.

• Keep money neatly folded in your wallet, purse, and safe. Respect your cash so that new money will be drawn to your life.

• Chinese coins bring financial luck. Hang them by red ribbon from doorknobs.

Luck in Your Business

• You may notice that many businesses display a cute white cat with its left paw raised near their entryway. This cat is called a “Maneki Neko,” and it brings good luck to one’s business.

• Place a fountain with running water in the wealth corner, which is the far-left upper room/part of the home.

• When choosing plants for your business, select bamboo because it is a very lucky plant and easy to maintain.

Luck in Your Future

• Make a collage and include all the things you wish to have in your future. This will guide your attention and luck toward the things you want!

• Decide on your lucky numbers and play the lottery sometimes. If you want to get lucky, start actively partaking in the game of luck!

• Buy a large, laughing Buddha. This statue brings happiness, fortune, health and good luck!

Still not feeling lucky? Please understand that luck comes in waves. Even if you are in a dry spell, trust that luck will soon find you, and using these tips will make it appear faster into your life. Always postulate good luck no matter how dire things may be. Ask your family members and friends if they have any lucky items, traditions, or mantras that they have found effective. For example, my grandmother gave me a charm bracelet that I wear on special occasions because I believe it helps everything always run smoothly. You may also talk to a psychic to see what lucky events may be in your future and what you could do to prepare for your fortune. They have the insight to give you a forecast of the feng shui of your mind. In other words, they may tell you how to get your thoughts more in tune with finding happiness, success and fortune!