Attracting Your Soulmate

Attracting Your Soulmate

When you write a love list you can go above and beyond what you ever expected in finding a partner.  What you do, is make a list of all the qualities that you want in a relationship and what you want in your life.  This is like giving the universe a relationship order.

This is an order for love.  Using love lists can be seen firsthand and they can have great results.  There is a good way and a bad way to do a love list.

  • Clear Love Blocks

When you are looking for a partner or a soulmate, you need to make a love list or make an order to the universe. Call what you are looking for and try to find a match.

This means that you might have a lot of old bitterness of love, and you might be afraid.  There can be other issues that you have and there are wounds that we pick up when we have a breakup, and these energies need to be healed.

Always make sure that you get your past issues healed before you even think about creating a love list.

  • Be Specific

Don’t think that a love list is easy and that this is easy.  Make sure that you have the list made so that you can get each and everything that you want.  Don’t leave anything out and even put a time limit on it.

Make sure that you say everything that is on your list, and you put in the list everything that you want.  After your love list comes, you would have to have a few dates to see if there is a problem.  If he talks too much or is annoying, chances are that your list might not be specific enough.  Make sure when you write your list that you are very specific.

When you see that your date is not what you want, go back and change your love list and update the language in it and see if you find the guy that you are really looking for.  Once the list is changed, you might find new interest and find the love of your life that has matched your list exactly.

  • Changing Your List

The universe wants to use love for your advantage and wants to give you teaching tools so that you can find what you want and be happy.  Make sure when you make your list that you are clear in what you want.  This can be hard for people that were never taught to ask what they want.

The love list is so powerful because it teaches you that you have to ask for what you want, and you have to decide what you are really looking for.  If you don’t learn to do this, you may never get what you want.  Try to be brave and learn to face what you want in your life.

Women are often times afraid, and they will change their list when the first guy comes, and it is not what they are hoping for.  Sometimes, they have not had a partner or a lover for a long period of time and they are afraid to make new relationships.  But, when they do decide to make new relationships, they will sometimes give in to someone immediately and settle for less than what they really wanted.

If they learn to write their list and revise it, they will take the chance of finding happiness.  Keeping the list, the same will cause you to not be able to take a risk and can stop the flow of love from the universe.  This can cause you to have a relationship block and to not increase your thinking or your finding.  This is one of the man reasons that you need to revise your list only after you are healed.

Women are often afraid to change their list because they are worried that the relationship that they finally go in will have to end and that it will be painful.  They are also afraid that they will have to wait for a long time to find a new relationship.

When a person is not right for you, you need to revise the list and let life and the universe help you.  Thinking that it will be painful will only put another block on you and will not help you to find your soulmate.


  1. I find the psychological aspect of clearing past emotional wounds before making a love list to be a crucial step. Unresolved issues can indeed cloud judgment and hinder new relationships.

  2. The article highlights the importance of being specific and honest about what you want in a relationship. It makes sense that vagueness could lead to unsatisfactory outcomes.

  3. The concept of a love list is an interesting one, especially since it emphasizes clarity and specificity. It seems like a structured way to reflect on one’s desires in a partner.

  4. The notion that the universe uses love lists as teaching tools is quite philosophical. It suggests that the process of searching for love is also a journey of self-discovery.

  5. It’s intriguing to think about the idea of revising a love list as you gain more clarity about what you want. Flexibility seems key to aligning with the right person.


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