Are you running from something?


Imagine: It’s a typical morning, you wake up to your alarm and stumble through your morning routine.  Then you go through your morning routine with its meetings and other tension inducing activities.  You survive that only to endure a speedy but low nutrition lunch.

Then you go to your evening routine with a workout, shopping and dinner. Then you go to sleep. Pretty typical, right?

It may not seem as if you hiding from something. Anytime you view something as a routine and not embracing the gift of a new day, you are running. The routine has taken control of us. The routine is comfortable. Why is it so easy to lapse into the average? It may be that we are distancing ourselves from the pain of our own pasts. It could be the pain of an abusive lover, or the pain of other violations.

The real violation is that we are allowing things in our past control our present life.  Remember that your life is a journey, not a destination.

Everything you do is part of the process. It’s your life, be a part of it.

You  can do this by grabbing a hold of your own destiny.  You are allowed to be loved as you are today.  You can nurture yourself by taking the time to enjoy your world.  You truly deserve it.

So take a minute to breathe. You are successful just by being part of your own life.  Enjoy it!