Are You A Puppet Of Fate?


A lot of us have different opinions on whether ‘fate’ exists or if it’s just a word to give us the excuse to leave a situation as it is without dealing with it. Some believe that if something is left to fate then whatever happens will be the right thing for them and that it’s ‘meant to be’.

In essence there is no right or wrong and no justifiable argument to determine whether fate is real or not. It can be looked at in many ways and much like our own intuition that somehow guides us in certain situations, fate is described as the course that life takes, so it could be an intuitive life outcome.

Is Fate Pre-Destined?

Is fate really pre-destined and does that mean that whatever decisions we make will make no difference to what is planned for us by the universe?

It is believed that certain aspects of fate are already set in stone for us when we are born. Our family is already decided for us, whether we choose them on a karmic level or not we are born with our readymade family. We are also born into our social culture and are therefore conditioned from a young age as to our religious beliefs, our upbringing and our basic morals. Some of these aspects can change when we are given or realize freedom of choice and surely that in itself gives us the power to change or create our own fate?

Freedom to Change Life

Psychics believe that fate does exist but that we always have the freedom and the power to change and create our own fate. If a psychic told you that you were going to win the lottery this weekend, you would need to create the fate by buying a ticket! If you didn’t buy the ticket, how would you win? I think most of us would agree that fate does exist but that sometimes we can excel or enhance our lives by giving it a helping hand.

How many times have you heard people say that if they hadn’t done something it wouldn’t have changed their life? For example, if you had not gone to that party, you would never have met a friend of a friend – who consequently turned out to be your long-term happily ever after husband!

Having Confidence to Change

Sometimes we have the confidence to leave something to fate because we just cannot choose how to move forward based on a unique decision. This may or may not be a life changing issue but because your mind does not have enough evidence for you to make a definite decision, you leave it to fate. Sometimes we get stuck and frustrated knowing that we need to make an important decision but just cannot settle on what to do.

Getting a Psychic Phone Reading

A psychic phone reading can really help you to see a situation from all angles, to highlight the forthcoming choices and to predict the outcomes, empowering you with the knowledge to make a decision and move forward.

Whether you are finding it difficult to work out your next career move, want to know if you’re going to fall in love soon or just want to make sure you’re on the right path in life, our psychics, tarot readers and clairvoyants will give you psychic guidance to bring you peace of mind.