Are Clairvoyant Readings True?

Are Clairvoyant Readings True?

Being paranoid about clairvoyant readings is normal as long as you can justify your reasons. There is a history that shows us of psychic scams who con and take advantage of clients. This, however, doesn’t mean all psychics are scammers and there is a possibility discernment can be used to determine whether a clairvoyant reading is true.

How True Clairvoyants Readings?

Scientific testings’ of clairvoyant readers’ results are mixed. Some indicate that indeed psychics fail to provide true insights while others indicate that clairvoyant’s information is being tapped by some readers.

Some Authentication Against

Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London indicates that there are two readers who failed to show any accurate clairvoyant answers after being tested under the influence of highly controlled situations. However, these are just a few individuals out of a thousand others who claim to have clairvoyant abilities.

Just like in 1996 where James Randi a professional skeptic said that he’s offering $1 million for any clairvoyant that would pass his test. And up to now nobody has ever passed his text just to prove they do have clairvoyant abilities.

Some Authentication for

Extensive research conducted by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz shows that quite a number of individuals showed insights that are positive and other researchers have also shown that psychic ability is indeed true.

Use Discernment

With the above pieces of evidence, it’s now up to the person to determine whether a psychic is real or not.  There are however some things you can do to aid you in deciding whether a clairvoyant reading you receive is true or a scam.

Be Cautious of Cold Reading Tips

Cold Reading tips are used by some individuals who claimed to be clairvoyants. They use this to make it appear that they rely on their own intuitive to provide information while the truth is they rely on the client’s own statements to come up with true and accurate information.

In cold reading, the said clairvoyant usually uses the client’s body language to make his or her judgment. He or she asks direct questions, and this aids them in making the final decision.