A Best Psychic Lie Detector


A lie detector machine can fail but the best human lie detector is the one that psychics uses. They can read you through your aura color… SO what color you might be by now?

An aura reading is an amazing tool that not only reveals our physical, emotional, and spiritual states, but it can be an effective lie detector as well. By knowing how to read a person’s aura, you tell if a person is telling the truth.

Your aura is an electromagnetic field that radiates from your body, and it is your spiritual signature. Your thoughts, feelings, physical health, and even your connection to the divine, are revealed in your aura.
An aura reading can also be used as a psychic lie detector, because they can be detected by changes in a person’s aura. People who are being truthful will emanate an aura that is bright and circulating around their body, while people who are lying will suddenly show a muddled aura that is pushing outward, changing in form or color. And with practice, you can see auras and detect lies.

How To Become an Aura Reading Machine

Seeing auras takes practice, but it is a psychic skill worth having, especially when you need to know if someone is keeping secrets from you. To learn to see an aura, start with the following exercise:

  1. Use your intuition and other senses

How does a person make you feel when they are near? Do you feel any negative vibes of agitation, deception, or stress? Do any colors come to mind when you think of this person?

  1. Develop your peripheral vision

Our regular vision is what we normally use to see in our everyday life, while our peripheral vision will be able to pick up auras quicker. You can start training it by choosing a spot on the wall and staring at it spot for 30-60. Gradually start staring at different objects such as books and plants. You can also practice on Magic 3D posters to further develop your peripheral vision.

  1. Practice on yourself

Find a dimly lit room and rub your hands together. Then touch your two index fingers then slowly start to pull them apart in opposite directions. You will see a misty fog between your fingers. That is your aura, and over time the colors will start to show.

  1. Practice with a friend

Have your friend stand in a dimly light room against a light background. Look past their body, and onto the wall, instead of directly staring at your friend. Then refocus your eyes to the top of your friend’s head.

  1. When you first see an aura

When you are able to see their aura, have your friend sway side to side, and their aura should sway side to side with them. Try to see if you can intuitively “feel” any feelings your friend might be going through. Are they hungry? Are they stressed? Are they happy?

At first you might not see the aura colors, or an aura might reappear and disappear, but don’t get discouraged if you can’t see auras right away. As they say, “repetition is the mother of skill.” Just keep practicing and be patient.

The Importance of The Aura Colors

The aura colors represent different levels of a person’s wellbeing and are important for knowing if someone is telling the truth. If any of the colors are unbalanced, the rest of the colors will be affected.

  1. Red reveals how healthy a person generally is. A bright red color in an aura shows a well-functioning body while a dull color will reveal disease, anger, or anxiety.
  2. Orange shows a person’s self-love and emotions. A bright orange color in an aura shows a person is energetic, productive, and is social while a dull color can indicate a weak appetite or an addiction.
  3. Yellow shows how a person deals with situations. A solid yellow color reveals intelligence, creativity, and optimism, while an overly bright yellow in an aura can show a person is too controlling or pessimistic.
  4. Green shows how a person interacts with friends, family, and nature. A bright green color shows a person is experiencing growth and balance, while a dark green color indicates that they are harboring feelings of insecurity, jealousy, or resentment.
  5. Light blue reveals a person’s alignment with truth and the divine. Dark Blue represents Higher Mental level and reaches outward to divine love. Blue is the most important color to look for in detecting lies, because it shows a person’s sensitivity and honesty. A dark and muddled blue is an indication a person might not be telling the truth.

Once you are comfortable with seeing auras, you are ready to try this next exercise with your friend.

An Auric Lie Detector Exercise

You can try this exercise with a friend until you get comfortable see auras. You will need a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.

  1. To begin, have your friend stand against a light wall, in a dimly lit room. This is the ideal environment for seeing an aura, but it is not required to see them.
  2. Begin by asking your friend a series of “yes” or “no” questions. For example: Did you have a good day? Did you have an easy time getting here? Are those your favorite shoes?
  3. Then, gradually ask more precise “yes” or “no” questions such as, “Were you really out with your friends last Saturday night?” If the person says, “Yes,” but their aura starts to pulse, change color, or resonate outward, this indicates a lie. These are the signs you want to look for when detecting truth or dishonesty.

You will start seeing a consistency of colors in the aura when someone is telling the truth. For example, if the person usually has bright colors surrounding their body, their aura will not change when they are speaking the truth.

Also, try and see if you can also “listen” to your subject’s thoughts radiating from their aura, because a person’s thoughts and ideas are also revealed within there.

People May Lie, But Auras Never Do

Whatever it is you need to know, a person’s aura will never lie, even if the person has won an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Learning to read auras for truth telling is a great gift to possess but let yourself be guided by your heart and mind too. You might already suspect the truth, but an aura reading will give you more information to decide with.