7 Effective Ways to Purge Toxic Energy

Toxic Energy

Negative energy impacts all people.  From an argument with a lover, to a frustrated boss, to an overbearing parents or grumpy barista, negative energy can drag down our spirits if we allow it to hinder us.  Although we wish would could always maintain control, life doesn’t operate that way!  Instead, we must learn how to release the effects of negative energy.

Ways to recognize the impacts of negative energy

Negative energy enters our lives and essentially ‘gunks up’ our spiritual and energetic mechanisms.  If you are finding yourself suddenly sluggish or more irritable than normal, then it is tune to tune-up your energetic body.  Pay attention to the following points and if they resonate with you, then it is an ideal for a vibrational tune-up!

  • Feeling drained after interacting with a particular place or person. Perhaps due to the lingering effects of an argument.
  • Consistently dealing with stress or intense emotions for an extended period of time. This is especially important if you recently experienced a traumatic event or life change.
  • Dealing with the effects of a long-term illness or medical condition.
  • Chronically managing anger, frustration, or anxiety

Methods to purge toxic energy

  1. Diffuse essential oils: Essential oils are helpful for an array of issues including detoxification.  Some helpful oils to clean energy are: lavender, frankincense, rose, and patchouli.  There are many different types of diffusers including options for your home, car, or even ones you can wear!  Having a regular stream of diffused oils can protect you from sudden bouts of negative energy influx.
  2. Use crystals: Much like the essential oils, you can utilize crystals’ healing properties in a variety of ways and spaces.  Some great stones to use are black tourmaline, snowflake/black obsidian, amethyst, Apache tears, and smoky quartz.  Pay attention to whether you feel drained after interacting with people.  If you constantly experience this, then you may be an empath and require additional protective talismans.
  3. Decorate with Himalayan salt lamps: Salt lamps help balance positive ions such as those emitted as electromagnetic radiation from our technological devices.  Too many positive ions can produce a field of negative physical energy that interacts with our spiritual selves.  Having salts in your home traps the positive ions and converts them into negative ions, which actually produce positive energy which uplifts people from a vibrational level.  Place your salt lamps in the rooms you spend the most time and house electronic devices.  Make sure you keep the lamps lit during times of peak electronic use or moments you feel particularly depleted.
  4. Sage smudging: For centuries indigenous cultures have employed sage bundles to purge toxic energy from places and people.  Simple bundle a number of sage leaves together with a natural fiber cord and light the tips of the leaves on fire.  Quickly blow out of the flame leaving a plume of smoke.  Then walk around the perimeter of the space or person while repeating an affirmation.  For best results keep the doors and the windows of your home open to fully release any linger bad juju.
  5. Play high vibrational music: Music moves our souls in so many ways.  In particular upbeat music can help inspire us to dance which through the act of movement can help release trapped energy that is bringing us down.  The music also alters the energetic frequency in the air producing a shift in our mood and makes us less vulnerable to low vibrations.  Follow your instincts to select the right song for the moment.
  6. Cultivate joy: My mother loved to tell me growing up “fake it, until you make it” anytime I was feeling down.  Sometimes just the act of putting a smile on my face made my mood elevate somewhat.  Create joy by surrounding yourself with things your find beautiful or uplifting.  Watching movies you love, eat foods you enjoy, and spend time with people that love you.  As you find happiness you begin to circulate good vibrations within and around you.
  7. Have clear intentions: You can’t clear lingering energy if you don’t sincere want to fix the situation.  It is best to always state your intention out loud, but you can also have success if you set the intention in your mind and focus on it.  Go with your instinct for what words, phrases, or even overall intention is right for you.  What is import is that these words, phrases, intention resonates with you and your spirit.