5 Other Ways To Show Your Affection

Five Ways to Show Affection

How often do you say to your partner “I love you”? Some say it far too often and sometimes we say it when we don’t mean it. The meaning of “I love you” has been demoted. There is just too much talk and no action. So instead of saying “I love you”, why not say these instead:

“This is the Reason Why I Love You”

Have you ever told someone you loved them, only to be asked, “Why do you love me?” right after? Did you have an answer? I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t have an answer—until I met my wife! Telling someone you love them is nice, but it’s better to tell them why you love them. Go into detail. Do you love them because they’re an amazing caregiver? Do you love them because they always stand up for what’s right? Do you love them because they are kind or because they have great taste in music? Whatever the reason you find them amazing, share it with them!

“I Admire You for Who You Are”

One of the best kept secrets to a long and happy relationship is respect and admiration. It’s easy to be attracted to beauty, but beauty fades, and if your love is dependent on looks, you aren’t going to be in love for long. Telling your partner you admire and respect them means that you value what’s on the inside—something that doesn’t change with age. Admiration and respect are a deeper sign of love.

“I Will Keep on Looking for You”

Some people think that love is about feeling settled and stable. But the truth is that no one can ever be entirely yours and the happiness you’re feeling now can easily be compromised. You put a lot of time and effort into courting your soulmate and guess what?

You’re re going to have to put time and effort into keeping them. That’s why you should never stop chasing your partner. Keep dating them, no matter how long you’ve been together. Most of us prefer the feeling of being chased by a romantic partner, over being possessed by them.

“Baby, I’m All Yours”

When you commit to someone, it means you’re giving them 100%. It means everything you have is theirs and you’re in it for the long haul. This builds a sense of togetherness and trust. But if you aren’t at that level of commitment quite yet, saying “I’m all yours,” means you’re giving them your full attention.

Giving someone your full attention is priceless. It means you aren’t dividing your attention between them and your phone. It means the focus is on them and that you are at the ready, no matter their needs, wants and desires.

“I’ve Got Something for You”

When someone says they have a surprise for you, it means that they feel confident enough and know you well enough to know what you like. And if you like your surprise, it means that there is more to “I love you” than just three words. It means that your partner gets you and wants to do something extra special to make you happy. What’s not to love about that?