Is Your Dead Loved One Communicating?

5 Signs A Deceased Loved One is Communicating with You

Do you wish you were able to communicate more with your departed loved ones?  We all posses the gift to connect with deceased individuals.  Often people expect this communication to be more direct than spiritual communication actually is.  Learning to identify the ways spirits attempt to communicate with you opens up a whole new world of healing and knowledge.

Sign 1: Look for symbols

Spirits frequently use signs or symbols to make contact with the living.  Notice how you might think of them every day at 11:11. Trust this individual is with you at that exact moment.  Spirits also send birds, feathers, coins, rainbows, flowers, animals or smells.  Typically, they select items special and sacred to the two of you, so you intrinsically know they are with you.

Sign 2: Listen to the music

Did a deceased love one enjoy music with you?  Perhaps a special song comes up randomly on your radio and you feel transported back in time when you both were physically together.  This is no random act, but the spirit world communicating with you.  Pay attention to favorite artists, song, lyrics or themes to understand and process the message that is being delivered.

Sign 3: Don’t be scared of “chills”

Chills could be sensations in parts of your body or sudden goosebumps.  These are signs Spirit is entering your physical aura.  Although you might not see or hear this spiritual being, the chills are your body’s reaction to feeling them embracing you.  Goosebumps in particular is a spirit’s way of sending you a “green light.”  Think of it like a yes, explore this more, or an act of love.

Sign 4: Surge of electricity

This could appear like a light bulb burning out suddenly, the lights flickering, the smoke alarm suddenly going off, or a piece of technology suddenly turning on without someone’s assistance.  People are quick to dismiss these occurrences as random, but spirit channels the electric current to get your attention.

Sign 5: Pay attention to your dreams

Spirits frequently contact us in via a dream.  As we sleep, our conscious mind turns off and we are more receptivity to the insights given to us by our subconscious.  This means if your loved one communicates with you while you are sleeping your logic is not able to dismiss this event as an illusion.  True visits from deceased loved ones are confirmed through the presence of immense love and light that occurs during the dream.  You may also receive an important, and often reassuring message and awake with unwavering knowledge this was definitely them.  These dreams will also be remarkable vivid with details so crystal clear that you remember them many year later.  Take comfort in knowing such dream visits are like getting a hug from your deceased loved one.

Spirit yearns to connect with us in the physical plane.  They seek to reassure you that you are beloved and souls exist long after physical “life.” By working on your receptivity and broadening your awareness through honoring the previous tips, you may finally experience peace knowing just how long your loved ones in spirit have been trying to communicate with you.