25 Signs That You Found Your Soulmate


Finding a soul mate is #1 for many people. Personally, I believe you have a lot of chances to do so. Your soul mate might not necessarily just be one person. There’s a reincarnation based believe that I’ve always been fond of. That belief is that when you die, your soul shatters and breaks into pieces. 

Those pieces are randomly brought together with pieces of many other souls to form new souls and new people. So, when you meet someone that you so strongly click with or find that person who is so clearly your soul mate, you’re really finding pieces of your soul in them, and they’re finding pieces of their soul in you.

Neat huh? No matter how it happens, these are 25 signs you’ve found your soul mate:

  1. They’ve seen you at your worst (sick in bed, no makeup, angry) and still love you.
  2. They will go out of their way to make you happy and know exactly HOW to please you.
  3. They will never give up on your relationship, no matter what happens.
  4. You can have different religions, politics and opinions, yet they still respect you.
  5. You are a deviation from their “type.” For example, they prefer tall brunettes, and you are a short blonde.
  6. You can do no wrong in their eyes.
  7. They are willing to move anywhere, even to another country for you.
  8. For your benefit, they will put up with your family members and friends whom they dislike.
  9. If you went bankrupt or got severely scarred in an accident, they would still stand by you.
  10. You wear whatever you want and cut/style your hair however you want, and they still desire you just the same.
  11. They don’t mind your quirks, compulsions and obsessions.
  12. At the drop of a dime, they can list the unique things they love about you.
  13. You can talk about anything with each other for hours.
  14. You can make a long-distance relationship work.
  15. They tell you how unique, loved and irreplaceable you are.
  16. You don’t have to hide things from your soulmate.
  17. You inspire them to write poems, sing lyrics or create art about you.
  18. They know about and accept all your flaws.
  19. They record shows and take pictures of things they know you will appreciate.
  20. They act different with you than with past partners. For example, I used to ignore texts and calls or take a long time to respond with past dates and boyfriends, but with my soulmate I respond immediately.
  21. Neither of you has to self-censor what you say at any time.
  22. You are always the priority.
  23. They are always there to nurse you back to health.
  24. Your futures are authentically compatible without having to force it to work.
  25. You just know! Trust your intuition.

Some couples may take a long time to finally tie the knot. Often times, they want to be absolutely sure that their partner loves them for the long haul and for the right reasons. Momentary doubt is normal at times in a relationship, especially when things get more serious, like when you start saying “I love you,” you move in together, you get engaged, etc. That doubt should dissipate for the most part if you truly love your soulmate.

Ironically, I knew my man was “the one” for me after I told him I had doubts about our future together, and he responded in the most reassuring and loving way. He listened to me wholeheartedly and then shared his intention of being with me forever. He never held a grudge about my confession. 


Instead, he made this discussion into an opportunity to grow closer. This was a sure sign that he “loved me for me” because he accepted everything I said and wanted to know what he could do to make me feel happier and more secure in our long-term union. I hope you all experience that moment when you realize your soulmate loves you for you.