Saturday , July 14 2018
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Are You A Puppet Of Fate?

       A lot of us have different opinions on whether ‘fate’ exists or if it’s just a word to give us the excuse to leave a situation as it is without dealing with it. Some believe that if something is left to fate then whatever happens will be …

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Trust The Universe To Make You Happy

     Are you stuck in your situation where there’s nothing new? Do you feel as though you keep on failing? Have you lost a job or relationship that really meant something to you? This all happened to me and it took a lot of time and soul-searching to realize …

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Ways To A Happier State Of Mind

         Negative energy can make its way into your life through an unexpected, unhappy interaction with a friend or coworker, a breakup with a significant other or an unexplained bad mood. Even the most positive people experience negative energy now and then, and no matter how it …

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Coping Up With Rejection

         Who never experienced rejection? The answer is nobody. Even the most successful people have experienced rejection once or twice in their lives. Whether it’s at work, in love, or from a friend or family member, rejection stings. Discover the best ways to process rejection and how …

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Choose Not To Be Lonely And Alone

    As the saying goes ‘No man is an Island’… Each and every one of us in this life needs the help of others or feel the connection. A connection that will make us feel alive and part of the community by helping each other along and so allow our …

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Should You Really Regret Anything?

Have you regret something that you did in the past or reflect on it and use it a learning curve for your future life ahead? Whether you chose to pursue a relationship with the wrong partner, missed out on a job opportunity or let go of a romantic relationship too …

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