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  1. Thank you Queen1 for listening. You are great.

  2. Good reading

  3. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. You are wonderful.

  4. I first spoke with Mysticsage last April and her advice, her viewing of what was happening, was spot on! It all came true just like she said it would! Goddess bless you, Mysticsage!! And today she was once again, able to see right to the heart of the matter and she gave me some great insight and actionable plans. We looked at my love life and she saw what I knew already (confirming to me that she DOES feel/see what is happening) and then she let me know what else was going on. A whole new angle I had NOT thought of. Great advice, awesome reading. I will keep in touch with Mysticsage! So nice to have a friend who is not judgmental!

  5. thanks for the insight

  6. Thank you Harper for being so frank about my situation. You are so personable and honest.

  7. She knows about things before I can tell!

  8. AngelAnswers,thank you great insight

  9. Spri506, is s very insightful member of the PsychicOz organization. She will not steer you in the wrong direction.

  10. Great to speak with Harper. Always positive.

  11. “I sometimes call Ladylight just to give her a progress report,
    which I did today. But even though I did most of
    the talking, she still was able to give me a couple of things
    that made a real difference in my sense of how things are
    unfolding on both the livelihood and relationship fronts.

    Lucas’s really quick, and she’ll surprise you with what she
    sees of things you didn’t mention in the background of
    your call. She’s funny, she’s emotionally mature, and she’s
    deeply compassionate. She won’t sugarcoat things, so
    make sure you want a straightforward style. She’s easily
    worth a great deal more than her rate, so if you’re looking
    for a second opinion, do give her a call.”

  12. Yes great conversation,EmpresQueen!

  13. “Thank you EmpressQueen for always being there for me and for your continued

  14. “It’s usually the girl saying that the guy doesn’t share his feelings,
    right? Well, I’m the guy in a slowly-developing relationship with a
    woman who keeps certain things very close to her chest. has
    been fantastic in helping me navigate the opacities and vagaries of
    this relationship. Everything GiftedMary’s said has, in retrospect, been
    spot-on, and I’m deeply grateful for her maturity, her experience as a
    reader, her alacrity (she’s really very quick) and her deep integrity.
    She would still be a bargain at twice her usual rate…”

  15. “My reading with LoveTiffany was wonderful. You are such a lovely lady and I will be
    keeping in touch. Simply the best…”

  16. Love her !!!Aldwyn

  17. PyschicJen you are truly psychic.

  18. “I’m in a developing (but not yet physically-intimate) relationship with
    someone who keeps some of her feelings close to her chest. AdvisorLilly is my go-
    to when my own intuition are unreliable because of my own emotional roil or
    wishful thinking. She has helped me enormously in navigating the mixed
    messages and two-steps-forward one-step-back of this relationship. She’s
    very quick, her insights are right on target, and she gives very actionable
    information and suggestions.I will be calling again.”

  19. Thank you so much Cherrylyn. I couldn’t talk more because of my limited fund, but the conversation with you today was very helpful. I am going to review our conversation, and think more about what I need to do, what I want to do, and what I fear. Thank you for sharing what you see with me.

  20. Brittany Lopez

    Prediction came true. Kikiana accurately reads the person in question. Very satisfied with her reading.

  21. TrueWisdom is my favorite psychic on here bc she never sugar coats so she won’t get your hopes up Only to be disappointed later and picks up on the situation I’m going through quickly . If you want to get insight into your issues , she’s the person to talk to ! Thank you Topaz .

  22. What a beautiful soul. I felt like I could talk to her for hours. She is so empathetic and spiritual. I really felt connected to her. I will take all of her guidance and wisdom with me and start my journey to a better me. I recommend to try her for any situation you may need help with. When funds are better I will definitely be back to speak with CaloosaWolf. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world :).

  23. Have read so much with Jazzmine, I feel like we’ve been friends for years! She knows me inside and out and doesn’t pull any punches! Great mentor, advisor, and as far as I’m concerned, dear friend! Could not have survived this journey without her!

  24. Always worth the money. like talking to my sister or my best friend. its like she is right there with what is happening

  25. She is a diamond. She is a gem. She is clear and confident…. and theres something otherworldly about her energy that has a beautiful effect. A blessing. Yes, Nicola picks up on things that matter and will help you for sure. especially if you are wanting to know about things that you can’t see for yourself.

  26. I remember the first time I ever spoke to her about my lover and she told me we will end up taking a break….I though she was crazy because everything was amazing!!!! this was my third reading with MissTula and she was consistent with my other readings. She told me the truth and not what I wanted to hear and gave me excellent advice. I truly hope her next prediction of my lover coming back for me happens… thank you again MissTula for all your support. God bless and happy new year.

  27. Always quick to connect. That’s what I appreciate along with your advice on how to see things a little differently. The fact that you knew I got a buzz when about to connect to you blew me away. We’ve spoken many times, but that is the exact feeling I get right before our chat goes through; interesting validation of your abilities. Ran out of time to say thank you. Thanks for helping me in this craziness. I just hope to get the truth from him one day, the whole thing. All in all, that would be the only way to mending anything, and of course seeking help on his end. Please clear me for the day so I can have some rest, lol. xoxo

  28. “Thank you – MissTula you were very helpful I will be chatting with you again soon. You tune in immediately and you were able to accurately let me know what was going on with the person in question.

    You are truly gifted!!!!
    Thank you.”

  29. Nicola is amazing. She is able to pick up on my situation just by tapping into me. No need for names or birthdates. She tells you like it is and how she sees it and not what you want to hear. I will be back soon for a follow up.

  30. I had a very short reading with Nicola, but I was impressed! We’ll see if it comes true!

  31. Hi Serenity, I think I have said it before, when I speak to you I just feel better. Serenity has a way of really seeing you for you and encouraging you towards more positive change. She will be honest but with love. Life is more about aligning with God and our own spirit. She directs you towards the best you you can be. Her predictions have been accurate over the last year. I know I will always get an accurate reading, an energy clearing and a hopeful outlook. She is one of the best on this site and definitely worth connecting with. Many thanks and much love! 🙂

  32. Rasharlon is always amazing! Her predictions and insight are always dead on! She doesn’t ever sugar coat the truth because she genuinely cares ab helping, and she is so sweet in the way she presents the information. She is considerate, kind, and sincere in her readings. I love talking to Rasharlon, she always steers me in the right direction and leaves me with suggestions as to how to best handle the situation. Thank you for all that you do! Talk to you soon!

  33. MissTUla has been helping me with a huge problem for months….she always gives me the info I need to make it thru the day!

  34. Everything LadyLight predicted, it’s all happening! Thank you mother for always protecting and watching over my husband and I. We love you!

  35. I didn’t get a chance to thank you. Time goes so fast when reading with you! Wonderful as always! I so appreciate your insights. So quick to tune in. Love, love reading with AdvisorFaith. Thanks so much for all you do!

  36. Outstanding as always. compassionate, very very honest, and does not make up things. Truly connected with Nadia.

  37. MissTula is right on the money about my current relationship….wish I had more time to further her reading. great one!!!

  38. TarotBae, you were right on with your vision. Surprised at the event when you told me, but more surprised when it occurred.

  39. Vincent is one of the best psychic here. I’ve been reading with him since 2012 & for the past 4 years, he’s been my go-to advisor. He clears your energy and gives an accurate status of what’s happening as well accurate predictions. I’m so grateful 🙂

  40. GiftedGeorge instantly tunes in and knows how to guide you to peace. Very quick on chat. Instant favorite.

  41. IntuitAlex thank you, thank you for being there for me! You’ve been soooo on the money with everything about Greggory and things are great now that we are back in the states and adjusting to normal life. All of my worries have just vanished and I’ve gotten so much confirmation. I feel good about where we are headed. 🙂 HUGS!!!!!!

  42. Always very calming and quickly picks up on things. I always feel better after a reading with Robin.

  43. So far, what you says seems to be on track… I keep second guessing every move I make though because I’m afraid I will change your predictions. You could see everything I was thinking and feeling. You can be vague, but I would rather you tell me what you can than give me false hope. I hope to talk to you again soon.

  44. Prema gave me hope about something I’ve long wanted and am hoping the wait won’t be much longer.

  45. Very informative. I am surprise by how accurate Veronica is to my situation.

  46. Veronica’s reading was so amazing, I felt the positive energy. And now I can honestly say I know her predictions are going to come to pass, thank you so much.

  47. Thank you! I read with this gifted Advisor twice both times he gave me the same prediction. Give Lucas a try you will not be disappointed!!

  48. Wonderful to ask important things to. Sarah knew details that made me say to myself, “oh wow how did she know that?”. Try her! She is amazing! Sarah, I look forward to the email you told me you will send 🙂

  49. Amazing! He’s quick, to the point, and accurate! I really appreciate Aldwyn for being encouraging and uplifting words of wisdom.

  50. Thank you Gina for guidance. I’ve been meditating and thinking of him. He’s so dang stubborn. Lol!!

  51. Love speaking with Charm. She’s truly amazing.

  52. Starangle is super sweet and always remembers me. I would love to give her five stars but nothing has come to fruition just yet. She does try and keep me on a positive path though this last reading I was not in a good place at all. I will see if I finally get the outcome she has seen for me. Still love her and I would highly recommend her.

  53. Amazing!!!!! Thank you so much. Put my mind at ease when no one else could.

  54. Shanika Rathnayake

    Maureen was very positive and full of energy. She gave some great insight. I’m hoping everything the she said comes true.

  55. Excellent advisor!! Highly recommended! Lucas is a gentle and genuine psychic!

  56. Alessandra Walters

    Wow, I’m always so impressed with each reading. I highly recommend Robin!

  57. Strongly recommended! Fiona has the gifts and energy to do amazing things for those who contact her.

  58. Luci is always there for me whether my energy is high, low or in between, she knows someone. She also reads right into exactly what is going on and is able to provide clarity for me every time. Luci provides something that no other seems to be able to. Simply wonderful is all I can say!

  59. Thank you for your compassion, quick read, and heart fullness! A pleasure.

  60. The best, MamaSita always knows me. She’s wonderful and to the point.

  61. Sherika Holliman

    Lucas was good. I will not be calling any others when I need answers. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  62. I really like the way Julia tells me about my relationship with the man I love. Julia is always on point. She gives me hope to fall deeper in love with him. I just want to thank Julia for her reading.

  63. Juliet Rennicks-Miles

    I tried Jenny for the second time and we connected well again. It was a short chat reading but I got my answer right away!!!!

  64. Great advisor and right on. Norie, I look forward to talking to you again and thank you for sharing your beautiful gift!

  65. Hailey Washington

    As always, Norie is the best. She was very nice and I will call again.

  66. She is the best. Melissa is beyond amazing and so easy to talk to!!! You will not be disappointed!!

  67. this reader is very nice and polite and gives you the answers you need form your problems. I will recommend to others to give this pretty face a try and you wont be disappointed. thank you again will be back.

  68. Estrella Wills

    Fine, good. She gave me a lot of details and it’s clear. I dont need to ask Leah too many questions.

  69. Zylisaa picked up on very specific things that I can’t even imagine how she knows. Looking forward to her predictions coming true!

  70. I just wanted to say that the readings from you was so inspiring. U are such a wonderful advisor IntuitAlex.

  71. Jessica Mitchell

    Thank you so much for everything Margo!! We will see what happens. Hoping to see progress soon in all areas of what’s going on in my life.

  72. I was excited to finally speak with Ginnie. Ginnie is pleasant and has a caring disposition. She seemed to describe the person in question very well, and beyond the generic stuff that other readers say. I feel that she has a true gift.

  73. Danniellia, thanks again for your patience and kindness!!! God has truly smiled on you and blessed you with an amazing gift!!! I wished that I would have talked to you a long time ago!!!

  74. Louanne Harewood

    Lucas is amazing. Spoke to him twice and both readings were consistent. Without me even giving him the name of the guy in question, he was able to tell me his sign, and the fact that he is a married man. The way he describes seeing this information is very interesting. He also accurately said my sign. You will not regret calling Lucas. He was very sweet, spot on with describing people and the situation. Really hope him future prediction pans out.

  75. Amanda was truthful even if the truth hurts sometimes. She was honest and you could feel a real connection between her and me.

  76. Thank you Amanda for your insight and advice. You are such a compassionate person who understands people very well. I will update when predictions come to pass. God Bless.

  77. Tula, you are a phenomenal human being. As a person you are so truly valued. I am so glad we have had the chance to meet on the phone. Your kindness amazes and soothes me.

  78. Amazing as always… Liam doesn’t leaving you hanging on to some piece of your past. There are truly no words to express. Thank you.

  79. I had a superlative reading with Serenity as always! She’s the very best.

  80. Thank you my Martha. In any event, I truly loved speaking to this beautiful and compassionate soul!

  81. She picked up everything that was going on with me. I did not say a word and she knew exactly what went on. Oh my goodness my Dear Tula you are really a genuine Psychic. She will tell you what is the truth and not what you want to hear.

  82. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Martha. She remembered me and everything we spoke of. She knew things only I could have known. She is assured, confident and just simply amazing. I have a good feeling about what she has said will come to fruition as she knew so much already about what was happening now. Call her. Get a reading. You will be so happy you did. She is kind and sincere and has one truly amazing God given gift!

  83. Picks up on my situation. She knows a lot of things I never spoke about. So Emma truly connects with me. Doesn’t just tell u what u want to hear, tells u truth.

  84. HOLY COW!!!! Robin you are a SERIOUS GIFT in to our universe! I need to properly convey how connected she was to me and my situation. No she did not get names, but who cares, because she picked up on my situation IMMEDIATELY, before i told her why i was calling.

  85. Vickie is the best! Thank you so much Vickie! You are a treasure for those of us looking for a true reader that’s picks up in details.

  86. It is always a pleasure reading with Ginnie. She’s one of the best.

  87. Love her. CherryLyn has helped me through a difficult relationship. She truly has great compassion for her readers. VERY HONEST!

  88. A true blessing speaking with Beth. I will surely call again. She always kept me sane.

  89. As always, Robin is consistent with her readings. Very accurate and does not waste your money. Robin is really and truly a gifted psychic. She knows exactly what is going on without me saying a word. Love you Robin. Her

  90. TY for your advice!! Martha gave me past facts, current status and what to expect for the immediate future. Based on the past and the present, I am convinced the future prediction will also come true.

  91. Liam was heavenly, he knew some things no other advisor ever told me about my situation, very comforting in a family way, gave me hope, offered some meditation advise, feel at peace. Will follow up with him concerning the time frames he gave me.

  92. Brittney was very nice to speak too. Very disappointing that my time ran out so quickly, we were just getting into the heart of things when time ran out. I was very disappointed. She is a very nice and easy to speak too. Will definitely call again.

  93. Sena speak the truth. Definitely a gem on this site! If you try her, you won’t be disappointed.

  94. You are amazing. I keep telling myself to cool it with calling psychics for the sake of my bank account, but I can’t stop calling you Ginnie, haha. Will call again!

  95. Juliann is the guide you want with you on whatever journey you are on. Spot on! Fantastic!

  96. Melissa, thank you SO much for all of your help with my very difficult situation. You’re a beautiful person who’s very genuine and gifted. I’m so happy to know she told you she loves her mommy so much! I love my little baby.

  97. Frieda Christley

    Excellent reading. She was so accurate and picked up on my POI as well saw new job with better pay. I’m so happy I found Ginnie. Thank you.

  98. Alex! You were so correct. He did contact me on Thursday and so far everything what you are saying is correct. I wish you were on today because I am going to see him just like you said but just wanting to know where his head is. Thank you for your guidance.

  99. Awesome and accurate. Thanks again Sita, and when I’m back to needing psychic guidance again, I will always trust you with my concerns!

  100. Alex has always been an instant connection. He was able to picture where I was and what I was surrounded by. He even mentioned something about me that I had never told him. He helped me with guidance on a piece of land we are wanting to add to our farm. I know it will be some work to make this purchase happen but Alex put me at ease as regards to how worth it it is. Highly recommend speaking to him. Well worth your time.

  101. I always enjoy reading with Alex as he is truly gifted. He confirmed several things I had concerns about. The guidance & insight I receive is invaluable.

  102. I love working with Charlotte. She is helping me in many different areas of my life.

  103. Beautiful soul, awesome reading! Just left one little thing to leave it, and well be alright. Thank you Brittney!

  104. Thank you Zylisaa. I’m keeping intentions strong. You are amazing! So kind and thoughtful! I hope I’ll find my happiness. Much love.

  105. Yes, Natalie was brilliant! It was great speaking to her… I was quite shocked on how accurate she was with my career and dates about events which would occur which it did. Looking forward to my next reading as she’s well worth the wait.

  106. Jennifer Edwards

    Fine, good. Steven, thanks for your help as always.

  107. Alex awes me with his brilliance and his knowing. Every reading with Alex affords me with a peek of all that is beautiful and divine in all of us!

  108. Thank you!!! Hope to talk soon Mia. You are so accurate and that’s just what i need.

  109. Hello Kim, Just want to say thank you.. for the reading. Also I sent you a thank you card I hope you got it…It is always a pleasure to speak with you. Thank you for all of your insight Kim.

  110. Wonderful and calming. Ari helped me a lot!

  111. Stella was very pleasant to talk to. She is such a blessing and wonderful confirmation of Spirit!

  112. Thanks a million Michelle for the amazing reading. You give so much information in a short time. Very hopeful now and will contact you again shortly.

  113. Alex never fails to calm me down. it was awesome!

  114. Patricia Ingold

    Ricardo is such an accurate and kind psychic/astrologer. Each reading we had, he is so intuitive. Highly advise talking to Ricardo!

  115. Thank you as always Sara. I hope it brings what we have been waiting for. You are truly gifted and I thank you for being with me every step of the way.

  116. Always great to talk to Lotti! She’s so honest.

  117. Frankie Slater

    Zylisaa amazes me as she remembered me after first 30 seconds or so, my birthday the man I was dating and his sign as in everything amazing! She told me months ago about a choice I would have between two men the man previously mentioned before and another one but anyhow you put it would be in a serious relationship by end of summer. Well made my decision and it was for a Gemini not the immature Cancer… I was really happy that Zylisaa gave me more insight into him and looking forward to the future.

  118. Paula McCarthy

    Sita’s very consistent and accurate as always! Thank you for always being understanding. You are my guardian angel, No doubt! Thank you. God bless you.

  119. Elizabeth Heffner

    She is great! Ginnie, I was really fascinated by how much you picked up.

  120. I don’t know how I would make it through this rocky journey without my Ricardo!

  121. I would trust Rosie with my life and in many ways, have.

  122. TY for your advice. I plan to call Kristine again because her info is accurate and she is great with timelines. We will talk soon.

  123. Always a pleasure speaking with Michael, quick and to the point.

  124. She is nothing short of amazing! Thanks Rita, you are such a sweet caring and amazing lady! 🙂

  125. Awesome!!! Right on point with Ricardo. Called twice and received the same reading weeks apart.. No way Ricardo could have remembered me with the volume of calls he receives but he did.

  126. A number of predictions have come true so I have confidence in what you say and i am so relieved to hear it, because I know you tell the truth, good or bad. I am getting in line again so I can get more details from you. Thanks Alex!

  127. Wow Sita, you were right again. You’re amazing, looking forward to my “3” next weekend!!! You are the best!

  128. Thank you so much Adam! I feel so much better since our reading! I feel aligned 🙂

  129. 1st time talking to Queen with same predictions and a little more detail. She’s one of the best. I cannot wait for this to be over. They are all wonderful.

  130. Alex is a true blessing. I hope what he said will come true.He was honest. That is something I appreciated. I may not of liked everything he told me but at least I know what I’m up against.

  131. All I have to say is excellent! Each time I talked to Benjamin he blows me away with what he tells me. I’m still in shock with him mentioning the teddy bear! You deserve a million stars!

  132. Thank you Dee, am so glad when you are on. You’ve been my guiding light.

  133. I am always on top of the world after speaking with Katherine. She tells me what she sees and exactly how it is. I can’t thank her enough!

  134. Heidy is hitting on more solid and goose bump things lately for me. Incredibly well versed in Astrology but her spirits show her things that have just happened without me saying anything or what is about to happen…..and they do! wonderful! Light and love to you.

  135. Tula, I am so thankful I have you now to give me that boost I need when it feels like its never going to happen. My mind knows it but my heart likes to do flip flops when it isn’t getting what it wants soon enough. I will be contacting you soon for an update. Take care and God Bless you, Tula.

  136. Sita, you were right again. Darwin is getting frustrated with his situation and it about ready to leave her and I believe you whole heartedly that he will be all mine soon! I am so thankful I have you now to give me that boost I need when it feels like its never going to happen. My mind knows it but my heart likes to do flip flops when it isn’t getting what it wants soon enough. I will be contacting you soon for an update.

  137. I love you Robin!!! Thank you for everything! You’re my angel, hero, protector, guardian, deliverer and strength! Bless you.

  138. I enjoyed my reading with Luke. He was tuned in and accurate with what was going on as well as kind and caring. I hope his predictions come to pass.

  139. Always awesome to speak with Tula!

  140. What more can possibly said about this incredible woman? Her feedback says it all! Katherine is the best! Her past predictions have all happened! The good and the not so good… Katherine is in a league of her own! Thank you Robin for sharing your gift with us… You help so many people each & every day!

  141. I loved you Zylisaa. I will so call you again. I loved all the info you gave me. i did what you told me, and I did feel more grounded…

  142. Katherine, you are absolutely amazing. Such a good soul, great to talk too.

  143. Josephine sticks by what she told me 7 months ago, that we would be back together and we were, even though we have now hit a rough spot, That this is not a breakup, it is a pause and we are meant to be together. Josephine guide said it was not a breakup. Thank you Josephine, you calmed me.

  144. Katherine is great – sometimes it’s difficult to have a heart when you’re around heartless people and Katherine knows this and gives great advice as well as predictions. She is fantastic. Thank you.

  145. Excellent. Thank you so much, you have always been 100% accurate, it scares me, in a good way! Talk to you soon, Anthony!

  146. I love Heather, and always look forward talking to her!! She is so sweet and caring! Thank you so much!!

  147. I cannot not explain enough how wonderful the reading was with Alex. Alex is a real angel and very accurate.

  148. Thank you so much, Tula! I needed that pep talk. For a little while there I thought you were trying to prepare me for something negative but you completely reassured me not, that everything will be fine…no – great! So patience and no fear is what I will work on, thank you.

  149. Wonderful and accurate reader! Will tell you things as they are- no sugar coating. Tula is very accurate! Great reader!

  150. You were right, Debra. He was nice for one date and I should leave it at that!

  151. Zoe was great, told me straight forward! I’m hoping what she says does come forward!

  152. Serena was good, kind, and fast. I asked direct questions and got direct answers. Didn’t waste my time or money and was helpful.

  153. Your were right again, Luke. It’s going to take a year to figure out with certainty the license.

  154. Luke is totally spot on!!! Will update after this month passes. Like talking to a bff. Wonderful!

  155. Rose’s my go to for love, finances and relationships. I was lead to her and have been guided by her every since…. I will definitely definitely call back as always….. love, peace, abundance, & blessings to you. Namaste.

  156. Luke was very aware of some of the decisions going on in my life. He accurately described some of the traits of an individual I was working with. His overall reading was very comforting and left me with a fulfilled feeling.

  157. Very good. I definitely recommend Luke for a reading.

  158. I liked Sita very much. I have no way of knowing if her prediction will come true for a few months. She said I would meet a man for a long term relationship by the end of the year. She said to stop looking online, which I was glad to hear. She said I would meet him at a small gathering of friends. I will call her back if I haven’t met anyone in a couple of months and see if she can zero in on which month.

  159. Thank you Donovan for talking with me. It was a pleasure….

  160. Maria is super honest straight to the point, precise and insightful. Definitely enjoyed this reading and will be calling back!

  161. Laura Gottschalk

    Gina picked up on things about my life path that I didn’t even tell her about, and she was shockingly accurate! Gina is amazing and a favorite of mine! Thank you Gina!

  162. Robin was able to ease my mind and reassure me that I am on the right path. She reminded me that I am strong enough to pull through and said all the words I needed to hear. Thank you!

  163. Robin was caring and intuitive. She has a beautiful presence about her. She was accurate.

  164. Clarisse San Juan

    I loved my conversation with Serenity, she was very kind and listened closely to what I was saying and gave me hope that things are going to be okay. She also motivated me to take more action, which is a really positive thing and what I needed to hear. Thank you, Serenity.

  165. Erica MicClinton

    Thank you so much, Troy! You nailed everything.

  166. Shana is true empath to pick up on feelings/thoughts. Try her out.

  167. He is always spot on. Luke made me feel relax and relieved.

  168. Love her. I have had several talks with Amber. Love when she ask the angels questions and them comes back to tell you what she said.

  169. Ginnie, you are amazing. The details you described on my POI’s thoughts and feelings are true. I’m very happy to have consulted with you. You are quick and to the point and the feeling was genuine. God bless you too.

  170. I felt very connected. Robin is indeed an excellent reader.

  171. Tula is a very good empath and always has been.

  172. Debra was ok to talk with, she was clear with what she was telling me.

  173. Exceptional! Eddie is the best as far as I am concerned. Great psychic… He’s clear concise and precise!

  174. Millie Regalado

    All she needed was my name and my poi name. Before I could even ask my question, Zylisaa was able to pick up on our energy. She was pretty accurate to the T. I mean I was blown away. What I also liked about her is that she’s fast and gives it to you how she sees it. I’m glad I waited to speak to Zylisaa.

  175. Cynthia Pesaro

    Troy is great. He naturally tunes in quickly and reads well. He’s smart and on point.

  176. Second time reading with Maya. She is excellent. Maya is really quick and really gets into the mind of what the person you are asking about is thinking.

  177. Amazing. You don’t have to say much just the name of the person and he just can read their heart and thoughts. I was blown away with Will.

  178. Debra and I have talked about my purpose in life. Debra helped me see what I already knew. I had been so blocked by what I perceived to be this “huge unknown”.

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